19 May 2023

Raj Jagatsingh Collaborates with Ragi Jani in 'Om Namah Shivay': A Promising Music Video

Raj Jagatsingh, a renowned writer and director from Gujarat, is all set to release his latest music video titled 'Om Namah Shivay' on a prominent music platform. The video features Raj Jagatsingh alongside the popular Gujarati actor Ragi Jani, known for his notable role in the highly successful web series, Vitthal Tidi. With captivating visuals shot in various locations of Rajkot, the song beautifully portrays the magnificence of Lord Shiva.

Raj Jagatsingh's Creative Journey

Raj Jagatsingh has established himself as a prolific writer and director in Gujarat's entertainment industry. His impressive body of work includes numerous outstanding short films and music albums. His poetic skills have even garnered recognition and appreciation from notable figures such as the Prime Minister and the Chief Minister.

The Stellar Cast

In addition to the talented local actors from Rajkot, 'Om Namah Shivay' also boasts the presence of the renowned actor Ragi Jani from Gujarat. Ragi Jani has previously worked alongside Bollywood veterans like Prateek Gandhi and Ranveer Singh, showcasing his versatility and acting prowess. His inclusion in this music video further enhances its appeal and promises an exceptional viewing experience.

An Anticipated Release

With Sunil Anand's soulful rendition and Dhavalbhai's production, 'Om Namah Shivay' has already created a buzz among music enthusiasts. The song has received an overwhelming response even before its official release, indicating the high anticipation surrounding its launch. The meticulous direction by Dhawalbhai adds another layer of creativity and ensures a memorable visual experience for the audience.

Another significant milestone in Raj Jagatsingh's career

'Om Namah Shivay' marks another significant milestone in Raj Jagatsingh's illustrious career, as he collaborates with Ragi Jani and a talented cast of actors. This promising music video not only showcases the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat but also pays tribute to the divine entity, Lord Shiva. As the release date approaches, fans and music lovers eagerly await the unveiling of this captivating creation that promises to leave a lasting impact on viewers.

(Contributed by Dinesh Zala)

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