7 May 2023

Rajasthan Politics: Sachin Pilot Again Showed His Rebellious Attitude, Said Why Action Is Not Being Taken On Paper Leak And Corruption

Barmer Former Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan, Congress youth leader Sachin Pilot has once again shown his rebellious attitude. Sachin Pilot has raised questions on no action being taken on the issue of paper leak and corruption in Rajasthan. CM Ashok Gehlot has been targeted without naming him. Pilot said that if there is loot and corruption in the state today, then he will have to raise his voice against it.

'People of clean image will have to enter politics'

Former Deputy CM said that he has raised his voice against corruption. Some people may not have liked what he said, but he doesn't care. Pilot said his fight against corruption will continue. 

Sachin Pilot reached Barmer on Saturday to inaugurate the hostel built in memory of the son of Minister Hemaram Chaudhary. A public meeting was organized after the inauguration of the hostel. Pilot said that corruption is eating like a termite. People with simplicity, honesty and good conduct, with a clean image will come into politics and handle the responsibility of an important post. Sachin Pilot said that whatever the post, good people have to be selected. People of clean image will have to enter politics.

Why delay in action on paper leak

Pilot said that no action has been taken on the paper leak so far. On this issue, he said that our children work hard for many years. Parents pay fee while enduring hardship and children give exams. But before that paper leaks happen. Sometimes the paper gets cancelled. Sachin said why there is so much delay in taking action on it? Why is it so difficult to get justice?

Remembered father late Rajesh Pilot's words

Sachin Pilot said that his late father Rajesh Pilot often used to say that the day the children of poor and farmers will sit on these important chairs, on that day all the works of the needy will be done easily and automatically. Pilot said that the one who does not know what and how is the struggle of the farmer and the common man, he cannot solve their problems.

I do what Hemaram says

Pilot lavishly praised the state minister Hemaram Choudhary. He said that Hemaram Choudhary is experienced. He held many positions, but his image is spotless. Sachin said he immediately implements whatever Hemaram says. 

Pilot said there are many people in politics who give suggestions and opinions. When suggestions come from all sides. He listens to everyone. After this he talks to Hemaram. I ask him what to do now. The tuning of both of us is perfect. I do what Hemaram suggests. He said what will be our caste. Where will we be born? It is not in our hands. How do we behave and what we do. Everything depends on that too.

Four ministers and 15 MLAs arrived with Pilot

The inauguration ceremony of the hostel built in memory of the son of Minister Hemaram Choudhary was celebrated with enthusiasm. Four ministers and fifteen MLAs attended the function simultaneously.

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