1 May 2023

Rajasthan: What Is Significance Of Sachin Pilot's Meeting With Speaker CP Joshi

Jaipur: Assembly elections are to be held in Rajasthan after about seven months. The meeting between former deputy CM of the state, Sachin Pilot, and the assembly speaker CP Joshi has left people conjecvturing what could be the meaning or significance of this meeting. 

Pilot had a long discussion with Speakear Joshi at his bungalow. Congress in-charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa also met Speaker Joshi after Pilot left.

Assembly Speaker CP Joshi had a wedding anniversary on Saturday. On this occasion, former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot reached CP Joshi's house and congratulated him and consulted him about the political and Congress conditions. After meeting Speaker Joshi, Pilot asked the leaders to get down to the ground and work for the party and implement their own suggestions.

Work on the ground: Pilot

Sachin Pilot said that representatives of AICC and workers of the organization should work on the ground. Understand the feelings of the workers. He himself has given suggestions in AICC. Sachin said that he thinks they should be implemented. 

On the other hand, on the appointment of joint-in-charge, Secretary Pilot said- Changes keep happening in the organization from time to time. Election is six months away. That's why people have been given responsibilities. This is a good sign.

Why did Randhawa call Joshi an encyclopedia of politics?

On the other hand, Randhawa described Assembly Speaker CP Joshi as an encyclopedia of politics and said that he is a very experienced leader. He has been in charge. CP Joshi understands Congress better. Along with this, Randhawa made a big statement on all the allegations of Sachin Pilot and the demand for action. 

The Congress in-charge said that the rebellion that took place before Corona is a things of the past. Now we should talk about the future. Congress should now think about the future. Everyone should take lessons from the past.

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