21 May 2023

Uttarakhand BJP Leader Cancels Daughter's Marriage To Muslim Man After Protests By Hindu Outfits, Netizens' Fury

Dehradun: A Bharatiya Janata Party leader in Uttarakhand on Saturday said he has cancelled the marriage of his daughter to a Muslim man, which was scheduled to be held on May 28. 

Talking to reporters in Pauri, Yashpal Benam, the bride's father and Pauri municipal chairman, said he thought of getting his daughter married to a Muslim youth for her happiness. There was strong pressure on Benam from Hindutva outfits to cancel the wedding. Besides, netizens also reacted strongly and called the planned marriage an attempt of 'Love Jihad.' 

"Now I have to listen to the voice of the public as well," Benam said adding the proposed marriage had been cancelled in view of the way social media users reacted to it. 

Hindutva outfits burnt effigy of BJP leader Benam

Hindutva outfits on Friday in Pauri at Jhanda Chawk burnt the effigy of BJP leader Benam in protest against his daughter marrying a Muslim. 

The VHP, Bhairav Sena, and Bajrang Dal took part in the protest. 

"We strongly oppose such a marriage," the working president of district VHP Dipak Gaud had said. 

A photo of the wedding card of the BJP leader's daughter turned up on social media on Thursday.

'Attempt of Love Jihad'

While Hindutva hardliners trolled the former MLA and the saffron party alleging “double standards", others called the marriage an attempt of "Love Jihad", comparing it with the recently released controversial movie The Kerala Stories.

“The BJP-ruled states are making films like ‘The Kerala Story’ tax-free while here a BJP leader’s daughter is marrying a Muslim man. These are double standards of the BJP and party workers will get demoralised,” said a Facebook user.

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