21 May 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Spend A Few Days With Elders At Vidisha's Shri Hari Old Age Home, See What You Can Learn From Them

Vidisha (Madhya Pradesh): Vidisha's Shri Hari Old Age Home has taken an initiative called social tourism. Research scholars, students and people of any age can spend a few days in the ashram premises.  Spend a few days with the elderly at the ashram and just see what you can learn from them. 

This will give the elders an opportunity to meet new people. Along with this, the elderly people staying in the ashram will be able to share their experiences, their routine and the stories of happiness and sorrow of life. For this a special cell "Social Tourism" has been started. The room is available free of charge.

Shri Hari Old Age Home is doing exemplary work in the service of the elderly. The ashram, operated in 25 thousand square feet allotted by the district administration, has facilities like garden, kitchen, place for worship, caretaker, men and women's rooms. 

Presently 60 elders are living here. Sometime back Union Social Justice and Empowerment Minister Dr. Virendra Kumar had observed the arrangements of the ashram . Describing it as a role model ashram, he had appreciated the arrangements made here.

18 elders have donated body

Some elders living in the ashram had expressed their desire for body donation after death. The elders were informed by the doctors about the importance of body donation. After this many elders voluntarily donated their body. On January 16, 2023 itself, the dead body of Kashibai Dangi was donated to the Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences in the capital Bhopal as per her last wish.

Along with this, the ashram also tries that if the elderly have a family, then through counseling the elders can be re-united with the family. After several consultations, the elders have been sent back to their families after they assured of good behaviour.

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