2 May 2023

Who Is This Viral Woman, Who Is Getting Viral On Social Media By Getting Photoshoot Done After Divorce

There is a new trend of getting photoshoot done in India. Some are doing pre-wedding photoshoot before marriage, some are doing maternity photoshoot after the birth of a child, and some are doing anniversary photoshoot. But have you ever heard of Divorce photoshoot? 

Yes, divorce photoshoot, it must be sounding a bit strange, but let us tell you that these days a woman who has done Divorce photoshoot is going viral on social media. The woman is looking very happy in the photoshoot. The photoshoot of the woman on social media has become a topic of discussion among the users.

The name of this woman is Shalini. Shalini is a fashion designer by profession. Recently, Shalini has got divorced from her husband. She has done a photoshoot to celebrate this. In the photoshoot, Shalini can be seen in a red dress with a slit. 

Shalini is holding the letter 'DIVORCED' in her hands. In the second picture, Shalini is holding a bottle of liquor, along with which there is a poster in her other hand, in which it is written in English that I have 99 problems, but there is no husband. In the viral pics Shalini is seen tearing up a picture with her husband and also stamping another of his photos with her foot.

Public giving mixed reaction on social media

Through photoshoot, Shalini is trying to give inspiration to women to get out of bad relationship. Shalini has written in the caption of her photo that divorce is not a failure of life. She says that it is better to leave a bad marriage. You deserve happiness, don't settle for less. 

However, public is giving mixed reactions on this photoshoot of Shalini on social media. Some users are trolling her for tearing the wedding photo, while some are appreciating her decision.

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