14 May 2023

Will BJP In Madhya Pradesh Change Its Strategy After Defeat In Karnataka? How Will It Shield MP From Impact Of This Setback?

Bhopal: The BJP's failure to retain power in Karnataka has become a new challenge for the BJP to shield other states from the impact of these results. Changes could take place at different levels from power to organization in the other poll-bound states. On the other hand Congress is full of confidence and enthusiasm, which has got a lifeline from the result of Karnataka.

In Madhya Pradesh, the BJP has been battling anti-incumbency after nearly two decades of rule. The party is under pressure to replace the faces whose feedback is not positive.

The results of Karnataka have given a big message ahead of the election battle to be held in Madhya Pradesh. Where the Congress is looking excited with this victory, the BJP will definitely review these results.

Kamal Nath also expected to pay attention to issues like governance and corruption

The results of the Karnataka elections are very important for the Madhya Pradesh Congress. The issues on which Congress won the election in Karnataka. Now Kamal Nath will also pay attention to issues like governance and corruption which fgot the support of the public in Karnataka.

In Karnataka, preference was given to new faces

The BJP could make big changes at the organization level following results of Karnataka. In Karnataka, preference was given to new faces instead of old BJP workers and such situation also exists in Madhya Pradesh as well. The displeasure of imposing leaders coming from other parties is also being felt in Madhya Pradesh. However, the party and the top leadership have consistently rejected this, claiming harmony exists in the party.

But all is not well in MP BJP. Many veteran leaders are dissatisfied and are on the path of rebellion. Deepak Joshi from Malwa region has already rebelled and joined Congress.

Displeasure of BJP workers continues

In view of the apprehensions of loss due to this displeasure, the party had sent 14 leaders to hold meetings with the disgruntled leaders and workers in different districts of the state. Meetings also took place and a round of discussions also went on, but the displeasure of the workers could not be removed.

Assembly elections are round the corner in MP and some other states and Lok Sabha elections are also to be held exactly one year later. In such a situation, BJP is making every possible effort to remove the displeasure of the workers and activate them. 

14 ministers faced defeat in Karnataka

Significantly, 14 ministers have faced defeat in Karnataka assembly elections. In Madhya Pradesh too, discussions have been held behind closed doors in power and organization regarding the poor performance of many ministers. Even in the 2018 assembly elections, many ministers of Madhya Pradesh government could not win.

Here in the organization too, hard work is visible only on the papers as there has not been any special effort from the organization to coordinate between the new and old BJP workers, which may have an impact on the coming assembly elections.

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