30 Jun 2023

Chhattisgarh Jagdalpur News: Leopard travelled in truck, driver was not aware

Jagdalpur: A six-month-old female leopard in Chhattisgarh's Kanker completed the journey of about 160 km from Kanker to Jagdalpur by sitting on the bottom of a truck.

After the truck reached the destination, the truck driver realized that there was a leopard in his truck.

This incident has come to the fore from Karpavand. On Wednesday, a truck of the Food Corporation reached Karpavand from Kanker filled with rice. 

After emptying the rice, the laborers felt that there was someone at the bottom of the truck. After looking for a while, they saw a leopard cub. People thought it to be a tiger cub. Soon this news spread in the whole area. Police and forest department teams also reached the spot.

SDO Ashish Kotarwani told that the cub was scared and hid under the truck. When he came out after a long wait, he was caught. The cub was given first aid and arrangements were made for his food. The cub has been handed over to Jungle Safari Zoo in Raipur.

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