30 Jun 2023

Madhya Pradesh: PM Modi Will Be Served Kodo Bhaat-Kutki Kheer At Shahdol’s Pakaria Village; PM Will Sit On A Cot And Interact With Tribals


July 1, 2023 – this day will be historic for Shahdol district. On this day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will apprise himself with the local tribal culture and traditions of the district. PM Modi will sit on a cot and interact with tribal community, players of football revolution, lakhpati didis of self-help groups and others in the desi style. 


Prime Minister will enjoy Kodo, Bhaat-Kutki Kheer while sitting on the ground with the tribal community. The entire event will be as per Indian tradition and culture. Millets are greatly prioritized in the PM’s banquet. Preparations for the Prime Minister’s dinner are going on in full swing at Jaldi Tola in Pakaria village.

Pakaria village is amazing and unforgettable. Pakaria is a village covered with dense forest, where the winds blowing from sal, teak, mahua, kaner, mango, peepal, vine, jackfruit, bamboo and other trees glorify the village. The glorious silver-bright streams of the Sone river, flows rhythmically down the hills like melodious lines of folk songs.

Population of 4700 reside in Pakaria

4700 people reside in Pakaria village. There are 700 houses in the village belonging to the tribal community, in which 250 belong to the Gond community, 255 belong to the Baiga community, 200 belong to the Kol community, 10 belong to the Panika community and people from other communities reside. There are 3 hamlets in Pakaria village, which include Jaldi Tola, Samada Tola and Sarkari Tola.

Dance-music of tribes an imitation of nature’s leelas-mudras

The dance-music of the tribes is an imitation of the leelas-mudras of nature. The tribal community of Pakaria village is amazing and unique also because the customs, food and lifestyle of the tribes here are the most unique. 


Tribal communities often live in the proximity of nature. This is precisely the reason why nature’s rhythm, tal and raag-virag flow in their bodies like blood. The swaying of trees and the natural dance of insects inspire the tribes to dance. The rustle of the wind, the thunder of the clouds, the flash of lightning, the pitter-patter of rain, the flying birds, all these are the motivating elements of their dance-music. 


Mudras of ‘Sajni’ song-dance of Gond community are miraculous

It may be said that dance and music are the artistic presentation of the tendermost feelings of man. Dance-music is an integral part of tribal lifestyle. Dance styles like Karma, Saila, Bhadauni, Birha, Kaharwa, Dadriya, Sua etc. are prevalent in the Gond tribal group in the village.

The expressions/mudras of ‘Sajni’ song-dance of the Gond community are miraculous. Their Diwali dance is also unique. Mandar, Timki, Gudum, Nagada, Jhanjh, Manjira, Khadtal, Singbaja, Bansuri, Algojha, Shehnai, Bana, Chikara, Kindri etc. are the favorite instruments of this community.

Special food of tribes of Pakaria


The food of the tribal community of Pakaria village includes grains like Kodo, Kutki, Jowar, Bajra, Samwa, Maize, Gram, Pisi, Rice etc. Mahua is used for food and wine. It is also collected by all the tribes as a major forest produce for livelihood. People of Baiga, Bharia and Sahariya tribes have special knowledge of traditional herbal medicines. Baiga has been doing baiver farming till a few years back.

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