2 Jun 2023

Citizens Of Nepali Origin Join CM Shivraj And Others In Welcoming Nepal’s PM Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' In Indore; Prachanda Tastes Poha And Samosas Of Indore

Indore: Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan accorded a warm welcome to the Prime Minister of Nepal Pushpa Kamal Dahal 'Prachanda' and the delegation accompanying him at Indore airport. Overwhelmed by the cordial behaviour of CM Chouhan, Prime Minister of Nepal Prachanda said that it does not seem that he has met him for the first time. 

Along with Prime Minister Prachanda, other guests included Sushri Ganga Dahal, Nepal's Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash Sod and other ministers and senior officials.

Culturally India and Nepal are one: Shivraj

Chief Minister Chouhan said that India and Nepal are very ancient nations. India and Nepal may be two bodies but culturally they are one. The cultural splendour, civilization and rituals of both are the same. The CM said that the relations between India and Nepal will be further strengthened in the days to come.

Cultural scenario of MP was displayed

The cultural scenario of Madhya Pradesh was displayed on the arrival of the Prime Minister of Nepal Prachanda in Indore. The Gangaur of Nimar, accompanied by the exuberant dance of Bhagoriya, was presented to welcome the guests. A 50-member team of the youth of Indore, Shree Swar Dhwaj Pathak, welcomed the Prime Minister Prachanda while making announcements with drums and saffron flags. Kathak dance was presented by the girls in the reception.

Prachanda tastes poha and samosas of Indore

Prime Minister Prachanda also met public representatives at the VIP lounge of Indore airport and also tasted poha and samosas of Indore. Chief Minister Chouhan informed him about the specialties of Indore. CM Chouhan met the citizens of Nepali origin present in the airport premises after the departure of Prime Minister Prachanda to Ujjain and appreciated their performance by meeting various groups that came to give cultural presentations.

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