6 Jun 2023

Congress And DMK Dealt A Big Blow To Nitish Kumar, What Is Whole Matter

Encouraged by the bumper victory in the Karnataka elections, the strategists of the Congress party have sabotaged unity efforts of Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. He was working on a plan to hold a gathering of opposition parties in Patna on the coming 12th. 

In the changed situation, the top leadership of the Congress party has started making efforts to bring the opposition parties under the umbrella of the Congress under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi. Under the same strategy, just before the June 12 meeting of opposition parties the Congress has dealt a blow to Nitish.

Nitish had decided the meeting after consultation

Along with Congress party, UPA's oldest ally Tamil Nadu Chief Minister MK Stalin also refused to reach Patna on 12th citing pre-scheduled engagement. It is not that the date of June 12 was fixed by Nitish Kumar himself. This date was agreed upon after the consent of the leaders of all the parties. 

It was also decided that the frontline leaders including the presidents of all the opposition parties would participate in the meeting. Nitish Kumar was against attending the meeting by sending second line leaders. Almost all the leaders including President Mallikarjun Kharge, Rahul Gandhi from the Congress party were planning to go to Patna, but all this was decided when the preparations for the Karnataka assembly elections were going on.

Meeting was postponed earlier also

After the election, Nitish Kumar had earlier planned a meeting on May 19. At that time it was cancelled on the pretext of swearing-in ceremony in Karnataka and now on the pretext of Rahul Gandhi's visit to America. 

Earlier it was decided that Rahul Gandhi would return to Delhi on June 10. It was planned that after holding a meeting with prominent leaders of the Chhattisgarh Pradesh Congress Committee on June 11, he will go to Patna on June 12.

Cong doesn't want to repeat mistake it committed by supporting Kejriwal

Sources said that the strategists explained to the top leadership that sharing the platform of the opposition with Nitish Kumar would send a message that the Congress party would now run under his leadership. This would be the same mistake that the Congress party made by supporting Arvind Kejriwal  in Delhi for the first time. Then the Aam Aadmi Party was falling short of seats to form the government in Delhi and Kejriwal formed the government for the first time in Delhi with the support of the Congress party.

Will Cong not take part in meeting of opposition parties under leadership of Nitish?

Today Kejriwal's party is getting stronger with the help of Congress vote bank in Delhi, Congress has become weak. Lest the same situation befall the Congress party by giving power to Nitish Kumar in national politics? Sources said that the top leadership understood this only then, instead of directly refusing to participate in Nitish Kumar's meeting, a message was sent that AICC general secretary would go, which Nitish Kumar himself refused. So will the Congress party not participate in the meeting of opposition parties even in future under the leadership of Nitish?

So Nitish will be the leader of the Opposition?

In response to this question, a Congress leader said that efforts will be made to convene a meeting of opposition parties soon in Delhi. It is a clear indication that the leadership of the Congress party does not want to give such a message by going to Patna that Nitish Kumar will be the leader of the opposition parties in the next Lok Sabha elections! It is a different matter that other leaders including Sharad Pawar, Mamta Banerjee, Akhilesh Yadav are ready to reach Patna in the meeting but Congress and DMK spoiled Nitish's game.

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