15 Jun 2023

Cyclone Biparjoy Landfall: Heavy Showers Lash Saurashtra, Kutch As Mighty Storm Moves Closer; Areas Within 100 Km Of Landfall May Suffer Catastrophic Effects

The state of Gujarat has been seeing some intense rains in the last 24 hours. Moreover, Okha recorded 106 mm of rains in the last 24 hours between 8:30 am yesterday and 8:30 am today, Dwarka 69 mm, Porbandar 32 mm, Naliya 31 mm, and Veraval 23 mm.

Strong winds in the coastal town of Dwarka as Biparjoy approaches Gujarat coast to make landfall Thursday evening. Dwarka is expected to see extremely heavy rainfall today due to the cyclone.

There will be strong gusty winds in the range of 100-130 km/hr when Biparjoy begins its journey towards the land in the early morning of June 15 and continue for the next about six to eight hours beyond afternoon.

These are places that are particularly vulnerable 

Skymet Weather said places that are particularly vulnerable include Porbandar, Okha, Jamnagar, Mandvi, Naliya, and Jakhau. Basically, Saurashtra and Kutch will be the ones seeing some intense rains. Despite rains, the daily shortfall will continue as other parts will not see much rainfall.

Thereafter, the storm is going across Rann of Kutch which is a marshy area, thereafter moving towards the Rajasthan region. Interiors may be spared from the intense rains.

When Biparjoy crosses the Kutch coast and makes landfall it will be one grade lower from a very severe cyclonic storm to a severe cyclonic storm.

Several parts of Gujarat, Kutch's Mandvi, on Thursday, witnessed rough sea conditions and strong winds. Earlier, the Indian Meteorological Department gave a cyclone alert for Saurashtra and Kutch coasts in Gujarat. 

Torrential rains and high speed winds at time of landfall

Even severe cyclonic storms have wind speeds of more than 100 km/hr associated with it and therefore, along with the torrential rains and high wind speed its damaging potential becomes very high.

Areas within 100 km of the landfall could suffer catastrophic effect resulting in damage to old and dilapidated buildings, structures, thatched huts are likely to collapse and communication connectivity will be affected.

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