8 Jun 2023

Haryana: Husband And Wife Made Video Of Elderly Man, Blackmailed And Recovered Rs 20 Lakh, Then Victim Took This Step

Hisar: A tenant couple in Haryana's Hisar honey-trapped a 71-year-old landlord and made an obscene video of him and extorted Rs 20 lakh by blackmail.

Police told here on Thursday that on the complaint of the elderly, they have registered a case against the accused couple and started investigation. According to the complaint, the old man lives in his house with his wife.

About five-six years ago, he had given the room below the house on rent to Rajbir, a resident of Kharkada. Later the house was vacated from him. In January 2022, on Rajbir's request, the elderly couple again gave him two rooms above their house on rent.

Reena used to visit elderly man on pretext of asking about his well-being

The elderly couple told that Rajbir, his wife Reena and son used to visit them. Even when the old man was alone in the house, Reena would come to him and talk with him for a long time on the pretext of asking about his well-being.

Reena called elderly person to her room

As part of a pre-planned conspiracy, one day Reena called the elderly person to her room upstairs and allegedly took him in her arms and during this Rajbir secretly made a video of it.

Later, after showing the video to the old man, Rajbir thrashed him accusing him of doing obscene acts with his wife Reena. Rajbir demanded one crore rupees from the old man in exchange for deleting the video, otherwise he threatened to make it viral and file a case with the police.

Elderly man was hospitalized

Due to the fear of dishonour, the elderly man did not tell this to anyone in the family and due to its shock, he was admitted to Jindal Hospital, Hisar on April 27.

The elderly man said in the complaint that on May 2, Rajbir came to his room in the hospital and asked for Rs 20 lakh. The elderly man refused to give money to Rajbir. On this, Rajbir threatened to make the video viral and implicate him in a false case.

Rajbir showed video to elderly man’s wife

The old man told this to his wife. When the old man's wife called Rajbir, the accused showed the video to her as well.

Seeing the video, the old man's wife said that in this her husband is not seen doing any wrong thing but Reena is seen taking the initiative. On this, Rajbir also threatened him of dire consequences for not giving the money.

Did not delete video even after taking Rs 20 lakh

According to the complaint, out of fear, the elderly couple withdrew Rs 20 lakh from the bank and gave it to Rajbir on May 14, but he did not delete the video and kept demanding more money again and again.

On May 24 last, the old man's wife again called Rajbir at home and recorded all the conversations on the phone and on this basis she lodged a complaint with the police. Police is searching for the accused couple.

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