9 Jun 2023

Kashmir Hijab Row: Hijab Controversy Reaches Kashmir Valley, Students Protest Against Ban On Entry In College


Srinagar: The Hijab controversy reached Muslim-majority Kashmir. Here, on Thursday, several girl students protested against the college administration over the ban on entry into the college wearing hijab. Several girl students, who were stopped from entering the campus of Visva Bharati Women's College in Srinagar's Rainawari area, expressed displeasure over the move.

The students protested against the administration's hijab ban order and refused to remove the hijab citing religious reasons. The students accused the college administration of making a religious and communal statement on the issue. 

 Kashmir Hijab Row: Student says hijab part of my religion

One of the protesting students said, "Hijab is part of my religion and they are asking us to remove it. When it is allowed in other schools why should I remove my cover."

The girl students clashed with the administrative officials of the college when they were asked to remove the hijab before entering the college premises. Another girl student protesting against the illegal ban on entry said, "They are asking us to remove the hijab or go to some religious school. Don't girls who wear hijab have the right to education?"

However, the school administration has stated that there has been some misunderstanding on the issue. Students were told to wear the hijab as per recommended norms. The school authorities said that the students are wearing multicoloured hijab and this is not according to the uniform of the college. 

We will announce a proper colour and pattern of hijab: Principal

In-Charge principal of the Visva Bharat college, Memroz Shafi said the college has its own dress code, and some girls also wear hijab. But they have never been stopped. She said she had asked teachers to ask those students not to wear hijabs on the school premises, but they can come in hijabs until they reach the school premises in order to maintain decorum. 

Shafi said there was no higher authority involved in it. "But I believe a proper dress code which is being followed shall be followed here as well. We will announce a proper colour and pattern of hijab for all those students who want to come to school wearing the same. We are not allowing colourful hijabs to be followed in the institution,'' she said.

Students should be allowed to wear hijab: Grand Mufti

The Grand Mufti of Kashmir Valley Mufti Nasir Ul Islam has said the institution was only for women and has now recently been converted into a co-education institute, so the female students should be allowed to wear a burqa and abaya as their choice to protect their modesty. 

There should be no interference in matters of religious dress: NC

At the same time, there has also been a political reaction to this order. National Conference chief spokesperson Tanvir Sadiq tweeted, "Wearing hijab should be a personal choice and there should be no interference in matters of religious dress. It is unfortunate to see such incidents in Muslim-majority J&K. We strongly oppose it and urge immediate corrective action."

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