11 Jun 2023

Kejriwal: 140 Crore People Will Oppose Ordinance And Save Democracy And Country


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal called upon all opposition parties to unite against Centre's ordinance to save democracy and said on Sunday that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was acting in an arbitrary manner.

Kejriwal launched a scathing attack on Modi at the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) rally here against the Centre's ordinance, saying, "For the first time such a Prime Minister has come who does not obey the Supreme Court order and the Constitution." 

Kejriwal appealed to all the opposition parties to oppose this ordinance. He said that . He said that he wants to tell the whole country that people should not understand that this has happened only with Delhi. Ordinance like Delhi can be brought for other states as well, so everyone will have to stop it now.

Ordinance says people of Delhi are no longer supreme

He said that the central government rejected the order of the Supreme Court by bringing an ordinance. The ordinance says that the people of Delhi are no longer supreme. The Prime Minister has blown the test of the Constitution. 

The Chief Minister said, “BJP people abuse me everyday but it doesn't matter to me but I cannot tolerate the insult of Delhi. Will keep rejecting the ordinance.

All the parties are with the people of Delhi.

He said, “I went across the country and met all the parties in which I came to know that all the parties are with the people of Delhi. One hundred and forty crore people will together oppose the ordinance and save democracy.

The Chief Minister said, “We had gathered against corruption 12 years ago at Ramlila Maidan. Now they have gathered again to end the dictatorship. Starting the fight against dictatorship from here and will win.

He besieged the central government on the issue of inflation, unemployment. He accused the Center of obstructing other development programs in Delhi, from schools to Mohalla clinics. Shri Kejriwal narrated a story of Chauthi Paas Raja at the end of his speech.

Party MP Sanjay Singh said that by bringing the black ordinance, the Modi government wants to change the decision of five judges of the Supreme Court. This dictatorship is the height of tyranny. The central government wants to usurp the rights of the people through the ordinance. This bill will not be allowed to pass in Rajya Sabha.

Constitution is being mocked

Senior advocate and Rajya Sabha MP Kapil Sibal said that the Constitution is being mocked in India. He said that all the opposition parties will have to unite and face Modi. He said that if everything is done by the central government, then what is the meaning of the assembly.

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