1 Jun 2023

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Elections-2023: BJP Worried About Tribal Regions Of Malwa Nimar; Can Shiv Prakash And Raghavendra Gautam Turn Table On Congress

Indore: With assembly elections drawing closer in Madhya Pradesh, the BJP is particularly concerned about the tribal region of Malwa Nimar. Recently, BJP's national co-organization general secretary Shiv Prakash called a meeting of the division in Indore. Shiv Prakash's focus in this meeting was especially on the tribal seats of Nimar region. Last time, BJP had suffered a huge loss in Nimar.

BJP got success only in Burhanpur and Khandwa districts, and was wiped out in Khargone, Dhar, Alirajpur, Jhabua and Barwani districts. Keeping this in mind, Shiv Prakash himself is visiting Malwa Nimar, especially Indore division. 

Recently, the organization has made Raghavendra Gautam the divisional in-charge here, who is in a way working as the divisional organization secretary. Raghavendra Gautam has been a campaigner of the Sangh. For this reason, he is well-acquainted with the nuances of the organization. 

Tribal voters are the deciding factor in Nimar

Tribal voters are the deciding factor in Nimar. Apparently, the tribal zone has become a major election battle field for the BJP in the 2023 assembly elections.

The special focus of the party is on two crore tribals of the state. BJP's strategists believe that the party favoured by the tribals of the state will be in power. 

The maximum tribal population in the state resides in Malwa Nimar. Twenty-six seats are reserved for tribals in Malwa Nimar region. Last time, Congress had won most of these seats, because of which, the Congress government could be formed. 

BJP also has the added advantage of network of Sangh Parivar

Along with the popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan among tribals, the BJP is emphasizing on the public welfare schemes being run by the Central and state governments. BJP also has the added advantage of the network of the Sangh Parivar. The entire focus of the Sangh Parivar is also on the tribal areas.

Sangh is going to increase daily shakhas in the tribal areas

In each of his visits to Madhya Pradesh, Sangh chief Mohan Bhagwat has asked Sangh Parivar functionaries to make special efforts to expand work in tribal areas. On the occasion of its centenary year, the Sangh is going to increase the daily shakhas in the tribal areas. Targets have been fixed in this regard.

BJP does not want to repeat mistakes of 2018

In the 2018 assembly elections, the BJP had become overconfident. For this reason, the party did not pay much attention to the tribal area. As a result, it lost 31 out of 47 seats reserved for tribals and suffered losses especially in Malwa Nimar. It won only 5 out of the seats reserved for tribals. 

The BJP was virtually wiped out in the tribal seats of Dhar, Jhabua, Alirajpur, Barwani and Khargone districts. The party learned a lesson from this and tried to make a comeback. In 2023, the BJP does not want to let the tribal areas go out of its hands under any circumstances.

BJP has continuously worked in the tribal areas 

The BJP has continuously worked in the tribal areas after the defeat of 2018. As a result of this, in the assembly by-elections held after 2020, BJP won seats like Nepanagar, Jobat in the tribal area and also won Khandwa Lok Sabha, where there are more than one lakh tribal voters. 

The results of panchayat and urban body elections showed that it has again conquered the stronghold of Malwa Nimar. Although 47 assembly seats in the state are reserved for tribals, the influence of tribals is considered decisive in more than 80 seats. Around 17 districts of the state are considered tribal-dominated. Meanwhile, the BJP is constantly trying to promote tribal leadership as well.

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