1 Jun 2023

To whom did Rahul Gandhi say Hello Mr. Modi on phone in front of tech entrepreneurs in America!

Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi is on a 6-day tour of America. His foreign trip has already become the center of discussion. 

Meanwhile, on Wednesday, Rahul held discussions with startup entrepreneurs based in Silicon Valley. During the discussions he said that his phone was being tapped. Rahul interacted with entrepreneurs who are recognized for doing pioneering work in the field of Artificial Intelligence and cutting edge technologies. 

Interacting with them, Rahul once again accused the Government of India of tapping his phone. He said that data security is important. Not only this, suddenly Rahul got into a light mood and took out his iPhone and put it to his ear and jokingly said 'Hello! Mr. Modi'.

Gandhi was seen engrossed in the panel discussion of experts on various aspects of artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning and their implications on mankind in general and on issues like governance, social welfare measures and also disinformation and misinformation.

If a state decides to tap your phone, no one can stop them

Rahul said if a state decides that they want to tap your phone, no one can stop them. "This is my sense," he said. 

"If the nation is interested in tapping the phone, then this is not a battle worth fighting. I think whatever I do and work, is available to the government," Gandhi claimed.

However, Rahul stressed the need to have appropriate regulations on data safety and security,. On the issue of Pegasus spyware and similar technologies, Gandhi told the audience he is not worried about it. 

Indian Overseas Congress chairperson Sam Pitroda and some other key aides from India are travelling with Gandhi.

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