2 Jun 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Balaghat Village Girl Kajal Meshram Will Do Research In Physics In Australia; Wants To Work In ISRO After Completing Research

Bhopal: Adverse circumstances inspire a person to struggle hard and only the person who has gone through the struggle achieves success. Similar is the story of Kajal Meshram, a student of Balaghat district in Madhya Pradesh.

Brought up in poverty and deprivation, 22-year-old Kajal will now study Physics for two years in Australia with the help of the state government and Balaghat district administration. Kajal will go to Australia after completing visa formalities etc. in the month of June and her classes will start from the month of July.

The struggle that Kajal has done in life till now and the place she is going to reach is inspirational for all the students. Kajal's struggle teaches us that no matter how difficult the situation is, we should not give up.

Kajal has a younger brother and a younger sister

Kajal Meshram is a resident of Tilpewada, a small village in Balaghat district. Kajal has a younger brother and a younger sister in her family. The father has left the family and started living separately.

Took admission in Government School of Excellence

Kajal's mother has tried her best to improve the future of her children. Kajal told that she was admitted to the hostel in village Hatta from class 6th itself. After studying up to class 8th in Hatta, she took admission in the Government School of Excellence in Balaghat and studied by staying in the hostel.

Kajal got 100 out of 100 marks in Maths in class 10th

She passed class 10th with 94 percent and class 12th with 90 percent marks. Got 100 out of 100 marks in maths in class 10th. Kajal has stood first in the district in class 10th in the Scheduled Caste category. He has passed B Sc from PG College with 77 percent marks while staying in the hostel.

She wanted to study for JEE and UPSC

Kajal told that she wanted to study for JEE and UPSC. But his dream remained incomplete due to lack of money. After this, he applied online for research work in physics in the US, UK and Australia. She got selected at all the places. She does not want to go to America and UK because of high fees. She has also been selected for Research in Astrology and Astrophysics at the National University of Australia, which is a 2 year course.

Kajal's mother is teaching her children by doing odd jobs in other people's homes but cannot afford the expenses of Kajal's going to Australia. Because of this, Kajal told her problem to the collector in the public hearing.

Collector approved a foreign study scholarship for Kajal 

Seeing Kajal's dedication, the collector after examining the situation, approved a foreign study scholarship for Kajal from the Tribal Welfare Department. On the initiative of the collector, the department also gave approval to bear the expenses of Kajal's stay during her studies in Australia.

According to the Australian Immigration Guidelines, student Kajal's living expenses per year while studying in Australia (excluding tuition and travel costs) is 21 thousand 41 Australian dollars. Out of this, 13 thousand 532 Australian dollars will be borne by the state government. The remaining expenditure of 7600 Australian dollars will be borne by the district administration Balaghat till the completion of post graduate studies of the student Kajal.

A certificate to this effect has been handed over to student Kajal by the Collector on 26 May. With the receipt of the certificate, the way has been paved for student Kajal to make a visa to go to Australia. She will leave for Australia from the month of June 2023 for her studies after completing the visa etc. in a week.

Kajal wants to serve in ISRO after completing her research 

Kajal wants to serve in ISRO after completing her research work in Australia. Kajal is a talented girl. She has secured the first position in the drawing competition in the state and has also topped the divisional level Sanskrit competition twice. Maa Tujhe Pranam Yojana has gone to Kanyakumari and has also gone to ISRO and Research Space Center Hyderabad in Vigyan Manthan Yatra.

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