30 Jun 2023

Madhya Pradesh Damoh Ganga Jamna School Controversy: NCPCR Summons Damoh Collector; What Some Students Said On Forced To Wear Hijab

Bhopal: In Madhya Pradesh's Damoh district, the matter of Ganga Jamna School, which came in the limelight in the past, seems to be heating up once again. The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has sent summons to the Collector to appear in New Delhi on July 10.

In this notice issued by Priyank Kanungo, chairman of the NCPCR, citing the controversial Ganga Jamna School, it has been said that there is a complaint about Islamic education being given to the children in the school. 

At the same time, there is also a complaint of girls being forced to wear hijab. The commission is probing all these points. That's why the statements of Collector Damoh Mayank Agarwal are to be made. In this case, Damoh Collector and SP are also accused of giving a clean chit to the school.

Last month, a poster of Damoh's Ganga Jamna School went viral on the internet. Hindu girl students were also seen wearing hijab in the poster. Later, when the scope of investigation increased, it came to light that three female teachers in the school management also changed their religion. 

The school director was also found allegedly involved in many illegal businesses. Now the Child Protection Commission is upset with the fact that the Collector has been negligent in the investigation in this matter.

Many students, parents rebut allegation children were forced to wear hijab

Meanwhile, many Hindu students & their parents have denied all allegations levelled against Ganga Jamna school by right-wing groups.

The students of the school said that they were not compelled to wear Hijab as claimed by media reports. They said merely singing prayers does not lead to conversion.

Rupali Sahu, who is among the class 10th toppers whose photo triggered controversy, said students weren’t forced to wear a hijab. She said a scarf was part of the dress code. I often went without it, and no one ever said anything to us, said Rupali.

Defending her school, a Muslim student said she had studied in a Hindu school where she was asked to recite Saraswati puja & prayers. She visited temples as a part of school trips. But, that did not convert her to Hinduism. She said if you go to Saraswati Shishu Mandir school, they have a different culture, if you go to Guru Nanak School, they recite gurbani. Every School has a different culture, Ganga Jamna has its culture, she said.

The parent of a student said the Ganga Jamna School is affordable compared to many other schools of the same level.

The Principal of Ganga Jamna school, Afsha Sheikh said that “We are mentally very disturbed because of all this. The media is not showing reality.”

Ganga Jamna School trust member Shiv Dayal Dubey said that, “A school where 61 out of 65 students top their exams is a big achievement. An effort is being made to create discord on the basis of religion.”

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