13 Jun 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Fire in Bhopal's Satpura Bhavan: Alarm System Was Not Working; Data Destroyed Will Be Recovered, Says Narottam Mishra


Bhopal: Politics has started regarding the fire in Bhopal’s Satpura Bhawan. Opposition parties, including the Congress, allege that the fire was conspired to destroy corruption documents. While the BJP says that the opposition parties are trying to derive political mileage out of this accident.


Fire alarm system was not working


The surprising thing is that the fire alarm system was not working in such a big and important building. Bhopal Municipal Corporation officials told that the maintenance agency has not even got its fire audit done.


There was also a delay in arrival of firefighters


Meanwhile, Additional Director of Health Department Mallika Nigam Nagar on Tuesday said that the fire alarm did not go off when the fire broke out at Satpura Bhawan and there was also a delay in arrival of firefighters.


Nagar said we immediately evacuated the people from all the floors of the building after learning about the fire and also called the fire brigade. But there was some delay in the arrival of firefighters.


She said two fire brigades had come on the spot but their water had run out, then arrangements of more water were made but by then it had been an hour and fire had spread.


Nagar said efforts were made to control the fire but it kept on spreading and gradually reached up to the sixth floor. She that when the fire broke out on the third floor, fire extinguishers were used but they could not douse the fire due to the high intensity of the fire.

Important documents gutted


It is being told that documents related to the establishment of health services, nursing, complaints, accounts and commission branch and the documents related to the assembly questions have been burnt. Documents of payments made to hospitals during the Corona period were also kept in the complaint branch. Along with this, there were also files of complaints registered in Lokayukta and EOW.


Furniture worth about 25 crores and more than 12 thousand important files were destroyed in this accident. Means about 80 percent of the documents of the state secretariat were destroyed.


There were more than a thousand people inside the building at the time of the fire, but they saved their lives by coming out in time. It is a matter of honor that there was no casualty in this incident. This is the second time this building has caught fire. Even before this, just after the assembly elections in the year 2018 and before the elections in the year 2012, the third floor of the same building caught fire. Now again there is fire 4 months before the elections.


Data destroyed will be recovered: Minister


Meanwhile, Home Minister Dr. Narottam Mishra has told that more than 4 thousand officers and employees working in various offices are safe in the Satpura Bhawan fire. Pity the intelligence of the so-called people who call the short circuit fire a conspiracy, that too at a time when thousands of officers and employees are present in the office. Such baseless and baseless allegations show that some people are looking for political opportunities instead of helping in distress.

Minister Dr. Mishra said that under the continuous monitoring and direction of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, all agencies have worked unitedly to control arson. Air Force, BHEL, Municipal Corporation, Mantralaya and all the surrounding fire brigades have successfully controlled the fire with coordinated efforts.
Minister Dr. Mishra said that there were no documents related to purchasing and tendering in the offices affected by the fire. Regarding other data, he said that the information of state and centrally sponsored schemes will be recovered from the hard disk. It will require some hard work.

Give report in 3 days: CM

CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan has given instructions to submit the inquiry report of Satpura Bhavan fire incident in 3 days. Chouhan has said that it is a matter of satisfaction that there was no loss of life in the unfortunate incident.

Minister Dr. Mishra informed that alternative arrangements for the functioning of the offices operating in Satpura Bhawan will be made soon. A holiday has been declared for all the offices of Satpura Bhavan for Wednesday June 14 also.




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