9 Jun 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Why is BJP worried about Priyanka Gandhi's Mahakaushal visit? Congress wants to repeat its 2018 performance

Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi is going to start the election campaign for the party in Madhya Pradesh from Mahakaushal on June 12. Political rhetoric has started on this.

Will give religious message to majority voters

Priyanka Gandhi will offer worship Maa Narmada in Jabalpur on June 12 and give a religious message to the majority voters. After this a big public meeting will be organized. MP Congress has set a target of mobilizing around one lakh people in this rally.

The reason behind Priyanka Gandhi choosing to hold the rally in Mahakaushal is that Rahul Gandhi has done Bharat Jodo Yatra in Malwa-Nimar. Mahakaushal has a large number of tribal voters. They are considered the vote bank of Congress. The Congress had returned to power in 2018 only on the basis of votes received from tribal areas.

Congress had captured 26 out of 38 seats in Mahakaushal in the 2018 assembly elections. In such a situation, Congress wants to repeat the victory of 2018 in 2023. Here 13 seats are reserved for tribals and 3 seats are reserved for scheduled castes.

Political pundits believe that the seats of Mahakaushal decide the way to reach power. Not only this, Vindhya region is adjacent to Mahakaushal. BJP had won 24 out of 30 seats in 7 districts here. This time also BJP is continuously focusing here. In such a situation, Congress leaders are claiming that Priyanka Gandhi's rally in Mahakaushal will enthuse Congress workers in Vindhya region as well.

Congress captured 26 seats of Mahakaushal region

The BJP was disappointed in the 2018 assembly elections in Mahakaushal. Out of 38 seats here, BJP has only 11 seats, while Congress had won 26 seats. One seat went to the account of an independent. Whereas, in 2013, BJP had won 13 seats in Mahakaushal.

Congress wants to repeat the 2018 victory. Here 13 seats are reserved for tribals and 3 seats for scheduled castes. The performance of the BJP in the urban body elections in Mahakaushal was not encouraging. Here BJP lost the election of Mayor of Jabalpur and Chhindwara. After 18 years in Kamal Nath's bastion, it lost the mayoral election. 

BJP lost in Jabalpur after 22 years. Independent candidate Preeti Suri won the election in Katni also. Although later she joined BJP. 

After the Congress won the elections in 2018, two MLAs from Mahakaushal, Tarun Bhanaut and Lakhan Ghanghoria, were made ministers. At the same time, the BJP has not made anyone a minister in its Council of Ministers with great skill.

Political equation of seats

Jabalpur district has 8 seats. Here both Congress and BJP have four seats each.

There are 7 seats in Chhindwara district. All these were bagged by the Congress.

Dindori has two seats. Both are controlled by the Congress.

Balaghat also has 6 seats. Out of these 5 seats were won by Congress and the sixth by Baraseoni Independent Pradeep Jaiswal. 

In Katni, there are 4 seats. Three seats are with BJP and 1 with Congress.

Out of four seats of Narsinghpur, 3 are with Congress and 1 with BJP. Whereas Seoni has four seats In which two are with Congress and two with BJP. 

On the other hand, talking about Mandla district, there are 3 seats. Out of which two seats are in the possession of Congress and one is with the BJP.

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