28 Jun 2023

Now take a trip to space, US space tourism company Virgin Galactic to launch commercial space flights

Ordinary people might soon be able to shoot into space. Is this a dream come true—or a disaster waiting to happen?

American space tourism company 'Virgin Galactic' is going to start its first commercial space tour service. Giving information about this, the company has said that this service will start by the end of this month.

The company will launch its first commercial space flight on June 29. This flight will be known as 'Galactic 01'.

The mission, Galactic 01, is scheduled to take off from Virgin Galactic's Spaceport America in New Mexico sometime 1600 GMT or 10.30 am IST on Thursday (June 29)

Second commercial space flight 'Galactic 02' will start in early August

At the same time, the second commercial space flight 'Galactic 02' will start in early August 2023.

Since this announcement of the company, the shares of Virgin Galactic have risen by more than 40 percent.

'Virgin Galactic' says that its first commercial flight will not be for ordinary people, but a scientific research mission.

Virgin Galactic has announced the four-person crew that will fly aboard the company's first commercial spaceflight. These members will participate in 'Microgravity Research'. Microgravity means zero gravity.

However, in 'Galactic-2' ordinary tourists will board.

Over 800 tickets sold

The cost of a ticket has been kept at around $4,50,000.

Despite the high cost, the company has sold more than 800 tickets so far since the announcement.

Galactic Flight is designed in such a way that the passengers can see the outside i.e. space from inside the aircraft. At the same time, passengers will also feel weightlessness for a few minutes.

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