22 Jun 2023

Opposition Parties Patna Meeting: What Chances Of Success Of Unity Efforts Despite These Big Setbacks

New Delhi: Ahead of the Opposition party meeting in Patna, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has urged Opposition parties, including the Congress, to clarify their stand on the Centre's ordinance on control of administrative services in the national capital.

"In the meeting on June 23, Congress will have to clear the stand on the ordinance in front of everyone," Kejriwal said.


Kejriwal on June 21 wrote a letter to the leaders of the non-BJP parties ahead of the Opposition parties meeting on June 23 and urged the parties to list the “unconstitutional” “anti-Delhi” ordinance promulgated by the Central government, as the first issue to be discussed at the meeting.  Despite Kejriwal’s request, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is yet to meet him to discuss the ordinance.


AAP has warned to walk out of Opposition meeting if Congress does not support its fight against Centre’s ordinance.


Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has convened a meeting of top Opposition leaders on Friday in Patna as part of his continued efforts to forge a grand alliance against PM Modi and the BJP-led government at the Centre with an eye on the general elections in 2024.

Mamata has also attacked Cong

Meanwhile, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has also been putting pressure on the Congress and has constantly been attacking the grand old party on the issue.

Cong plans to get back at the two leaders

According to sources, Congress has prepared a plan to get back at the two leaders - Kejriwal and Mamata- in the meeting.

"While we say that the Modi government is dictatorial and using investigative agencies and occupying constitutional institutions, the attitude of the Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab and the Trinamool Congress in Bengal is the same as that of the Modi government," Congress sources said.

"Will remind Mamata-Kejriwal how they benefited BJP by contesting elections in different states. Mamata and Kejriwal kept taking different stance on issues like Article 370, the Vice President, all of which helped the BJP government. In such a scenario, before they seek support for the ordinance, all these issues should be cleared for the future," the sources said.


RLD Chief to skip meet


In another big setback to Opposition unity efforts, Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) president Jayant Chaudhary, revealed that he would not be turning up at Patna.

The RLD said Chaudhary had written to JD(U) supremo Nitish Kumar, excusing himself on account of “a pre-decided family programme”.

However, the late-minute announcement will add fuel to suspicions of a rift between the RLD and its ally Samajwadi Party, which is among the prominent invitees at the Patna meeting.

‘Big goal should be to put up a united fight’


After these big jolts, Opposition unity efforts have received big setback. Political observers are wondering what are the chances of success of unity efforts.


Keeping hopes alive Bihar Congress President Akhilesh Prasad Singh said, "Presently the goal of everyone should be to come together against the Modi government. Everyone may have small issues, be it Kejriwal ji or Mamata, the Congress, the RJD or JDU but the big goal should be to put up a united fight."

The Congress, say sources will likely advise all opposition parties to focus on the issues, programs and policies of the people instead of 'Modi Hatao' (Remove PM Modi).

The Friday meeting is aimed at laying the groundwork for the coming together of likeminded Opposition parties against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the BJP government at the Centre.

Bihar CM Nitish Kumar has been spearheading efforts to bring all Opposition parties together against the BJP government at the Centre, with an eye on next year's Lok Sabha polls.

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