24 Jun 2023

People Worry Robots Will Take Their Jobs But Do Robots Also Worry About Losing Their Jobs?


All over the world people are losing jobs and joblessness is rising. In such a situation it is normal for people to worry about their job security. But can you believe that even robots are worried about losing their job. Robotics is developing so rapidly that in the time to come human emotions like joy, sorrow could be seen in Robots.


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being discussed everywhere these days. It is being said that due to AI, machines will start behaving like humans. Many people are saying this. Some people also believe that AI could even challenge humans.


When a human loses job he faces livelihood crisis. He and his family members may even have to face starvation. But why does a robot need a job? A robot does not need food, clothes, home or other things that a man need. Then why should a robot worry about losing a job.


But it is not true. Robots also worry about losing their jobs. A robot has proved it. Recently a robot has done such a thing, seeing which you will start laughing and you will also be forced to think whether the robots will overtake humans one day. 


A video is becoming viral on social media. It is of a foreign restaurant, in which a robot waitress was doing the work of serving food to the table. It is seen in the video that the bot waitress named Peanut was returning after serving the food. Meanwhile, a female customer blocked her way in a funny manner. On this the bot angrily said, please don't block my way, I have to work. Otherwise I will be fired.


In its high-pitched and childlike voice, the robot says, “Don’t block my way. I have to work, otherwise I’ll be fired.”

This video was posted on Instagram by an AI-centric account named @uncovering_ai. This video has gathered over 3.3 lakh likes. Commenting on it, an Instagram user wrote, “Robot just trying make a living he doesn’t want to be fired ”. Another user joked, “I thought humans are being fired because of robots. Even robots don’t have job security.”

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