24 Jun 2023

PM Modi To Business Community: Take Advantage Of Groundwork We've Done And Move Ahead

Washington: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said the governments of India and the US have done the groundwork for the business community of the two countries and it is now the responsibility of the corporate sector to take advantage of this and move ahead.

Modi was addressing business leaders and philanthropists from India and the US as well as other prominent members of the Indian-American community at the Kennedy Centre in Washington, DC on Friday. He underscored that the India-US partnership is not of convenience but one of conviction, shared commitments and compassion.

Modi said that in the last three days of his State Visit to the US, several important steps have been taken to further boost bilateral ties.

From defence to aviation, applied materials to manufacturing, and the IT and space sectors, India and the US are now moving forward as most trusted partners, PM Modi said at the event organised by the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum.

He urged the business community to step forward and take full advantage of this opportunity.

Every development project of India has the capacity to further strengthen the American dream, Modi said, citing that India was investing a record USD 125 billion in infrastructure development.

In India's growth story, there are unlimited opportunities for America and for the country's corporate community, he said. 

Modi said in the past three days, he and President Joe Biden spent a lot of time discussing several historic issues. In their meetings, the two leaders had concrete discussions over the future of India-US relations and have decided to follow a clear strategy ahead in this regard.

The India-US technological handshake meeting in the White House sent a message to companies, businesses, manufacturers and innovators that "this is the moment", he said, adding, "The governments of India and the US have done the groundwork for you."

India-US technological handshake meeting

Earlier, in technological handshake meeting, PM Modi underlined the immense potential of harnessing India-US tech cooperation for socio-economic growth. He also applauded the contribution of India’s talented youth in fostering a culture of innovation. 

President Biden called on CEOs to help expand India-US tech partnership to new fields including biotechnology and quantum. Both leaders underscored that India-US partnership would play an instrumental role in building a better future for our people and for the world.

"Now you have the responsibility to play and proposer on this ground. The one who plays will prosper," Modi said.

India is the world's youngest nation and it has the world's biggest youth talent pool and skilled and professional force, the prime minister said and asserted that whichever country joins India at this time, it is bound to benefit, Modi said.

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