24 Jun 2023

Private Army Wagner Captures Russian City Rostov; Putin Says Military Ordered To Crush Rebellion

Moscow: Private army Wagner, which supported Russia in the Ukraine war, has rebelled. Pictures released by Russian media RT showed Wagner armored vehicles on the streets of the city of Rostov. After this, Russian President Putin said in his address to the country – Wagner has stabbed us in the back. He has challenged the army. The people of the country have been cheated. We will protect the citizens at all costs.

Highway connecting the capital closed

Wagner claimed possession of the city of Rostov and the military headquarters there. Wagner Chief Yevgeny Prigozhin has also spoken of downing a helicopter of the Russian Army. After this Moscow is on high alert. The highway connecting the capital has been closed.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, citing betrayal and a threat to his nation, said he had ordered the military to squash a rebellion led by Wagner mercenary boss Yevgeniy Prigozhin.

Russia is fighting toughest battle for its future: Putin

Russian Armed Forces and other government agencies have been given necessary orders to stabilize the situation, Putin said, promising decisive actions.

As Wagner fighters take control of military governing bodies in key Russian cities and reportedly marching towards Moscow, President Vladimir Putin said during an address that the armed insurgency is hampering the lives of civilians and promised to to 'defend the people' and Russia. He also said Russia's fighting 'the toughest battle for its future'.

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