15 Jul 2023

Delhi Floods: Yamuna Level Starts Receding; Kejriwal Gave This Information About Resumption Of Water Treatment Plants

The water level of Yamuna river has started decreasing in Delhi. After this, the speed of the metro passing through the bridges built over the river has now been made normal.

Delhi Metro has given information about this by tweeting on Saturday.

DMRC has told that the restriction on the speed of the metro passing through all the four bridges built over the Yamuna has been removed. Now all trains will run at normal speed.

The Delhi Metro had imposed these restrictions on July 13 after the water level of the Yamuna river reached a record level.

The water level of Yamuna came down to 207.38 meters at 12 noon on Saturday. It is expected to decrease further.

The level of Yamuna is gradually going down. Till Friday, the water was receding at the rate of about 1 cm per hour, but now its speed has increased. The water level of Yamuna is falling by 10 cm in two to three hours. As soon as the level of Yamuna will fall down, similarly the drains which are falling into Yamuna from all over Delhi, their water will also start draining out

On the other hand, the Meteorological Department has issued a yellow alert for rain in Delhi on Saturday. According to IMD, there may be light to moderate rains in Delhi on 15th July.

In the Indraprastha area of the capital, the regulator of the drainage made in the Yamuna river was broken. It was rectified on Friday night with the help of the army. A gate of ITO Barrage was also opened.

However, the flood water is still filled in Yamuna Bazar, Red Fort, ITO, Bela Road and surrounding areas. 16 teams of NDRF are still deployed for relief and rescue.

Okhla water treatment plant re-started

Okhla water treatment plant has re-started. It was closed on Thursday after the water level of the river was 208.66 metres.

Arvind Kejriwal said that the water treatment plants of Wazirabad and Chandrawal would also be made operational when the water level of the river reaches 207.7.

More than 25 thousand people have been rescued in the capital. More than 22 thousand people are living in tents and other shelters. 16 teams of NDRF are deployed.

Atishi blames Haryana for flood situation in Delhi

Delhi's Education Minister Atishi has blamed the Haryana government for the flood situation in Delhi.


She said, "When there was flood in Delhi, the situation was so dire, then why was all the water being released to Delhi. If you look at the records of Hathini Kund barrage for three days, you would know. Not a single drop was released to UP or Haryana, all the water was released towards Delhi."


"The question is why enmity with the people of Delhi? We believe that their capacity is less, but if water was released there, the fields would have got submerged, but by releasing water in Delhi, where the population is so dense, here people's lives were at risk."


"The Haryana government will have to answer why all the water was being released to Delhi. If the water was released there, the flood in Delhi could have been avoided, there should be an inquiry."


"There has not been a single drop of drinking water in Delhi for four days. The water that is filled on the streets and colonies of Delhi only came from Haryana."


Atishi told that the people of Delhi are expected to get relief in the next 12 hours, as the water level of Yamuna is continuously decreasing..

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