9 Jul 2023

Good News For Wildlife Lovers Of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan: Tigresses With Cubs Spotted In Sariska And Near Bhopal


Tigress ST-19 has been seen with her two cubs in Sariska Tiger Reserve located in Alwar district of Rajasthan. The tigress along with her two cubs is seen roaming in the buffer zone in the photographs of the trap camera installed in the forest area of Sariska. The age of the cubs is said to be about three to four months. After this, the Forest Department has started making arrangements for the safety of the cubs. The tigress and cubs will be continuously monitored.

CM Ashok Gehlot also expressed happiness by tweeting. The CM wrote that 'new life in the forest, got the good news of the birth of 2 cubs from Sariska Tiger Reserve. Now the number of tigers in Sariska Tiger Reserve has increased to 30. The government is committed to the conservation of tigers which are important for the environment.


Tigress gave birth to cubs again after one-and-half years


In fact, on January 5 last year, tigress ST-19 was seen for the first time with two tiger cubs. Now after about one and a half year once again ST 19 has given birth to two cubs. Her photo has been captured in the camera trap today.

Dhirendra K Godha, member of the Rajasthan State Wildlife Board said – The increase in the number of tigers in Rajasthan is a happy news for the wildlife lovers of the country along with the people of the state. The work being done by the Rajasthan government for the conservation of tigers is the result that the number of wildlife in the state is continuously increasing. With this, the tourism of Rajasthan will also get a boost.


Tigress with 4 cubs near Bhopal


Meanwhile, tigress RT-123 has made her hideout in the middle of the forest adjacent to the Bhopal border. She is teaching her four cubs the ways of hunting. During this, she also becomes aggressive. Recently the cubs have hunted a buffalo calf. They had hunted a sheep earlier also. 


Forest department officials have warned the residents and villagers not to go to the tiger movement area. The villagers have been told that if the tigress or tiger cubs attack any of their cattle, they will be compensated.

Training begins at age of six months

Wildlife expert Sudesh Baghmare told that tigress is the best mother in the world. She shows the territory to the cubs after they are months old. Training begins at the age of six months. She explains ways to avoid snakes, pythons, pangolin etc. Teaches hunting tricks.

Mridul, former field director of Bandhavgarh National Park, told that the training of cubs lasts from four months after birth to 18 months.

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