7 Jul 2023

Gujarat High Court dismisses Rahul Gandhi's plea, sentence will continue, he will not be able to contest Lok Sabha elections

Rahul Gandhi has suffered a major setback in the defamation case related to the Modi surname. The Gujarat High Court has given its verdict on Friday, July 7 at 11 am on the petition of former Congress President Rahul Gandhi against the sentence. The verdict was pronounced by Justice Hemant Prachhak. 

The court has rejected Rahul Gandhi's petition. In which Rahul Gandhi was convicted by the Surat court and sentenced to two years on March 23. After the dismissal of the petition from the High Court, now Rahul Gandhi can file a petition in the Supreme Court.

Rahul Gandhi will not be able to contest LS polls

The Gujarat High Court held that the order of conviction passed by the trial court was proper. There is no need to interfere with this order. Hence your application is rejected. Along with this, the High Court further said that at least ten criminal cases against Rahul Gandhi are pending in the court. The High Court has upheld the decision of the Sessions Court, due to which now Rahul Gandhi will not be able to fulfill his intention of contesting the Lok Sabha elections. 

The Lok Sabha membership of Rahul Gandhi has already gone. The Sessions Court had disqualified Rahul from the membership of the Lok Sabha after his conviction. After being disqualified from the membership of the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi alleged in Wayanad, Kerala that the Central government was working to suppress his voice. But hs is not afraid.

What have Congress and BJP been saying?

Abhishek Manu Singhvi appeared on behalf of Rahul Gandhi in the Gujarat High Court. He had said during the last hearing that there are many people including Modh and Teli who write Modi surname in Gujarat. It is wrong to link Rahul's statement with everyone. The statement of the petitioner that 13 crore people of the country have been defamed is itself a joke. On the matter, BJP President JP Nadda and other party leaders had claimed that Rahul Gandhi had insulted the OBCs. In such a situation, he should apologize to the OBC society.

What did Rahul Gandhi say

Rahul Gandhi made this comment during the 2019 Lok Sabha election campaign in Karnataka. In his speech, Rahul had reportedly said why Modi is the surname of all thieves. Regarding this, BJP leader Purnesh Modi had filed a defamation case against him in Surat court. He had said that by saying this, Rahul Gandhi has defamed the people of Modi surname.

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