18 Jul 2023

Kuno National Park Madhya Pradesh: 3 More Cheetahs Have Wounds Around Necks

Sheopur: Cheetahs are dying continuously in Kuno National Park of Madhya Pradesh. After this many types of questions are arising. Experts from South Africa have said the big cats could be dying due to GPS collars around their necks. Cheetahs are getting injured because of the GPS collars.

According to sources, three more cheetahs inside the Kuno National Park are suspected to have insect-infected neck wounds, apparently caused by GPS collars. This has led to a scramble to locate and treat cheetahs. Even the Madhya Pradesh government has removed senior IFS officer Jasbir Singh Chauhan from the post on Monday. Chouhan was due to retire in less than three months.

In fact, after the recent deaths of South African cheetahs Tejas and Suraj in Kuno National Park, concern has started at the global level. Some suspected that they had died from infection in their neck wounds.

However, the Ministry of Environment and Forests said that of the 20 cheetahs transferred to Kuno, five died of natural causes. It dismissed reports that Tejas and Suraj died because of the collar. Some experts are saying that due to the GPS collar, there was injury on the neck and death due to septicemia. But the Ministry of Forest and Environment has termed such reports as speculative and without evidence.

There is a video of a large infected wound on the neck of Suraj, who died on Saturday. Surprisingly, cheetahs in Kuno are sustaining mysterious neck injury wounds. Sources said wildlife veterinarian Mike Toft, known for his experience in treating lions and cheetahs in South Africa, is on his way to Kuno National Park.

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