22 Jul 2023

Madhya Pradesh Elections 2023: Internal factionalism between Digvijaya Singh and Kamal Nath! Congress did not learn a lesson even after Scindia’s departure

Bhopal: Assembly elections are round the corner in Madhya Pradesh, but the Congress is unable to overcome its factionalism. In 2018, the unity of Congress's three satraps Digvijaya Singh, Kamal Nath and Jyoraditya Scindia brought the party to power. Now the situation has changed. 

This time Scindia is not with Congress, he is in opposition. Now the tussle between Digvijaya Singh and Kamal Nath is also increasing. The differences which emerged among the party leaders during the 15-month Congress government in the state have increased.

Digvijaya and his family did not get attention

This has also come to the fore on many occasions in the past. Be it the case of Burhanpur where Nakulnath got a place to sit during the programme of Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Gandhi, but Digvijaya Singh and Jaivardhan Singh did not get a place. In this way, Nakulnath's wife got prominence in Chhindwara during the Nari Samman programme, Jaivardhan Singh's wife's name was not taken.

Now this game of chair was also seen in Gwalior. Where in Priyanka Gandhi's programme, Digvijaya Singh remained far behind. These developments show that all is not well in the Congress.

Controversy over CM's face

In fact, for the Congress, which lost power in the state in 2020 due to mutual disunity, dealing with internal factionalism in 2023 is no less than a big challenge. Before the assembly elections, due to increasing controversy in the Congress regarding the face of the CM, its election campaign is likely to be affected. Before the elections, there is a tussle between Kamal Nath and Digvijaya factions regarding the post of CM.

Recently, in the MP Congress, where Kamal Nath supporters were seen putting up posters considering him as the future Chief Minister, Arun Yadav of the Digvijaya camp even went so far as to say that the CM's face would be decided in Delhi. As the tussle escalated PCC chief Kamal Nath had to say eventually that he was not looking for any post. He said he had achieved a lot in life.

In 2018, the Congress came back to power after 15 years. During that time the leaders of all the factions of the party appeared united. Due to which the government was formed, but as soon as it came to power, factionalism again came to the fore in the Congress. In 2020, Kamal Nath was ousted from power due to the defection of Scindia along with his supporter MLAs. Even before the 2023 assembly elections, now the situation of internal conflict and factionalism is seen in the Congress.

Questions were raised on Digvijaya's role when Nath govt fell

Even when the Kamal Nath government fell in 2020, many questions were raised about the role of Digvijaya Singh. After the fall of the government, then former minister Mukesh Nayak had even said that Digvijaya Singh has made political mobilization for his family and relatives in Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh as well. In Madhya Pradesh, Digvijaya Singh's son Jaivardhan Singh, brother Laxman Singh along with relative Priyavrat Singh were made MLAs. In Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh too, he has made his relatives MLAs.

Nayak had then alleged that Kamal Nath considered Digvijaya Singh to be a troubleshooter and he only betrayed him. Till just before the resignation of Kamal Nath, Digvijaya Singh kept talking about winning the floor test and then suddenly got the government toppled by saying that it was in minority.

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