22 Jul 2023

What Is Controversy Related To Muslim-Owned Dhabas Named After Hindu Deities In Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar? What Dhaba Owners Said?

During the Kanwar Yatra in Uttar Pradesh's Muzaffarnagar district, all Muslim-owned hotels falling on its route were reportedly closed. These included both non-vegetarian and vegetarian hotels.

All those hotels and dhabas on the Kanwar Yatra route, whose owners or staff are Muslims, remained closed for about 15 days. Although now these hotels and dhabas have started opening slowly, but now there is a new challenge in front of them.

Meat or fish shops have been closed on the routes of Kanwar Yatra during the Kanwar Yatra of recent years. But this time the vegetarian hotels of Muslim owners were also closed.

Swami Yashveer Maharaj sat on a dharna

In Muzaffarnagar, Swami Yashveer Maharaj sat on a dharna at the DM's office on Friday, 21 July, angry with Muslim operators naming hotels after Hindu deities. During this his supporters were also present on the spot. He demanded from the officials that the boards in the name of Hindu deities should be removed from the hotels run by Muslim operators. Swami Yashveer Maharaj, who has a staunch Hindu identity, has started a campaign for the last 20-22 days.

Swami Yashveer Maharaj, sitting on a hunger strike at the District Magistrate's office, told that before the Kavad Yatra, we had informed the administration that there are a large number of hotels on the highway in Muzaffarnagar which are named after Hindu deities. Their operators belong to Muslim society, but Hindu pilgrims do not know and have meals there.

Dhaba owners said they suffered losses to the tunes of lakhs

Many dhaba owners said they suffered losses to the tunes of lakhs of rupees as dhabas were closed during Kanwar Yatra. Manu dhaba owners said no notice was received. Only two-four policemen came and closed the hotel. On asking, they got the answer that being a Muslim, you are running a hotel in the name of a Hindu.

Dhaba owners said the work of hoteliers depends on the big seasons like Kanwar Yatra and summer holidays. In those days only the dhaba owners earn profits which is enough to meet the expenditure for the whole year . They said closure of dhabas during this period would make it difficult for them to meet their expenses and ultimately the employees would suffer.

Owner of a dhaba on NH-58 said, “It was Kanwar season and the administration closed our dhaba. There is a staff of 30-35 boys, they remained free as dhaba was closed. Due to the season, the goods were also brought and kept in advance. They have rotted. We have suffered a loss of around three-four lakhs."

Owner of another dhaba said, “We cook veg food. The entire staff is Hindu. Don't even use egg or onion-garlic. Still our hotel was closed. We have suffered a loss of around Rs 4-5 lakh."

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