22 Jul 2023

Rajasthan: All Eyes On Rajendra Singh Gudha's Next Move; What Message Congress Gave By Sacking Him?

Jaipur: Rajasthan's Minister of State for Rural Development Rajendra Singh Gudha has been sacked from the post on Friday night. Governor Kalraj Mishra accepted the recommendation of Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. Rajendra Singh Gudha was giving statements against CM Gehlot and the government for a long time. 

Rajendra Gudha had given statements many times by going away from the party line for the last one year. He was removed from the state cabinet on Friday hours after his remarks in the State Assembly, drawing parallels between the sexual violence in Manipur and the alleged atrocities against women in Rajasthan. Gudha, considered a loyalist of former Deputy CM Sachin Pilot, has been criticising his own government on different issues.


Elected from Jhunjhunu district’s Udaipurwati constituency in 2018, Gudha was among the six Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) MLAs who had merged with the ruling Congress in 2019. The six legislators supported Gehlot during the political crisis in 2020 caused by Pilot’s rebellion and voted for the Congress candidates in the Rajya Sabha elections held in June 2022.


Gudha's tough attitude continues even after dismissal


Even after the dismissal, Rajendra Gudha's tough attitude continues. Gudha said- Rajasthan has become number one in the rape of women in India. What face will we show to the public? The people had elected us and sent us to rule. I had only said that Rajasthan has become number one in crimes against women.

'I don't have as much patience as Pilot'


Gudha said – Gehlot was made the Chief Minister twice. I was the leader of the BSP Legislature Party. It was expected that the government would take good decisions. I supported the government with this expectation. Sachin Pilot is not a traitor in my eyes. Not useless either. He campaigned for the Congress party all over India. I don't have as much patience as Sachin Pilot. Sachin Pilot has a lot of tolerance. I don't have. If there are atrocities against women, youth anywhere, I will lay down my life.

Party gave message to other leaders


According to political experts, Gudha's dismissal is being linked to giving a message of discipline in the election year. Due to ongoing long rhetoric, a message of weakness of Congress leadership was being sent. Now by sacking the minister, an attempt has been made to give this message to the rest of the leaders that action can be taken now. In the Congress meeting recently, the state in-charge Randhawa had told the leaders bluntly – Action will be taken if they make statements against the government or the leader. 


How Gudha will capitalize on his dismissal


Gudha is now likely to capitalize on his dismissal from the post of minister and portray him as a political martyr. Observers say he will try to convey to the people that the respect and honour of women had more importance for him than the ministerial post.  as a sympathy card. He is likely to publicize his dismissal as a punishment for speaking the truth on women atrocities. He has also started this.

Speculations about Gudha's next political move


After Gudha's dismissal, the stir in the Congress has intensified. The Congress high command has ordered strictness regarding discipline in the election year. The order of the high command is believed to be the reason behind Gudha's dismissal a few hours after making a statement against the government. On the other hand, speculations are also being made regarding Gudha's next political move. The CM refused to comment on the entire matter, terming it as an internal matter of the party.


May quit Congress before elections


Gudha is likely to quit the Congress before the elections. Gudha is also in touch with some fellow MLAs who left the BSP and joined the Congress. Gudha's strategy is to take along some MLAs who have joined Congress from BSP. He is a constant attacker on the government even after his dismissal from cabinet.

As a political strategy, Gudha wants the Congress to remove him from the party. With this he will be able to get political sympathy.

Divya Maderna also gave statement similar to Gudha

Meanwhile, Congress MLA Divya Maderna has also met Congress state in-charge Sukhjinder Singh Randhawa on Saturday morning. Divya Maderna had said that I am not safe. Law and order is bad. Divya gave her statement on Gudha's line only. It is said that Randhawa has summoned Divya for her statement. Randhawa had also sought a report from the state Congress regarding this.

Recently, in the election meeting of Rajasthan Congress in Delhi, Rahul Gandhi and Congress National President Mallikarjun Kharge had asked to lay emphasis on discipline in the election year. Rahul-Kharge had asked the leaders of Rajasthan not to tolerate mutual rhetoric and rhetoric against the government under any circumstances.

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