11 Jul 2023

Sidhi Urination Incident: Victim Dashmat Rawat Tells Who Is In Viral Video

Sidhi: Many conflicting reports are emerging in the media regarding Dashmat Rawat, the victim of Sidhi Urination Case Video. Some media reports have claimed that victim Dashmat Rawat has denied that he is in the video. 

In a video viral on social media, Dashmat Rawat is heard saying that he is not in the viral video. But now Dashmat Rawat has taken a U-turn regarding the viral video. Dashmat Rawat has said that it is he who is in the viral video. The news going on elsewhere is wrong.

Dashmat Rawat's family lives in Karaundi village of Sidhi district. Victim Dashmat is also living in the village under police cordon. Dashmat said that I am the one in the viral video. The accused urinated on me. 

Dashmat said that I was the one in that video. At that time I had long hair. The hair was removed after the aunt passed away. That's why now the hair is looking short. Viral video is of 2020. I didn't know about it at that time. Got to know after the video went viral.

Dashmat’s look has changed

At the same time, the look of the victim Dashmat Rawat has now changed. He is always under the protection of the police. Along with this, he has also stopped going to work. Dashmat Rawat was seen in a cap and glasses after meeting the CM. He has also got new clothes.

Tight police security around victim’s house

After this incident, this village of Sidhi district came into limelight. There is tight police security around the house. At the same time, the people keep visiting him. The people of the village avoid saying anything about this whole episode.

Actually, a video went viral in which a man was seen urinating on the victim tribal Dashmat Rawat in Sidhi. The accused in the viral video was Pravesh Shukla who was allegedly associated with the BJP. After the video went viral, the CM had given instructions for action. After this, Pravesh Shukla was arrested and sent to jail. His house was also demolished. CM Shivraj had also met Dashmat Rawat.

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