14 Jul 2023

UP: What Is Unique About Etawah's Historic Kali Vahan Temple And Why A Dress Code Is Implemented Here

Etawah: A dress code has been implemented at the historic Kali Vahan temple on the banks of the Yamuna River in Uttar Pradesh's Etawah, associated with the Mahabharata era civilization. It is a legend about this temple that Ashwatthama first reaches here to offer prayers.

Located near the banks of Yamuna, this temple is the main center of devotion for the devotees of Goddessm Durga. There are a large number of Durga temples along with Shiva temples in Etawah. It is said about this temple that Ashwatthama, the immortal character of Mahabharata period, comes here and offers worships first.

Devotees throng temple on Navratri

This temple is situated on the banks of river Yamuna, just 5 kilometers from Etawah headquarter. This temple becomes very important on the occasion of Navratri. Devotees from far off places come to this temple with the intention of fulfilling their wishes.

Temple is closed in night but fresh flowers are found in morning

In the Kali Vahan temple till date, it is not known that when the temple is cleaned in the dark of night and when the sanctum sanctorum is opened in the early hours. At that time fresh flowers are found inside the temple, which proves that someone worships in an invisible form. It is said that Ashwasthama, the immortal character of Mahabharata, comes to worship in the temple.

The temple management said only those coming in traditional attires will be allowed entry.  The management has implemented a dress code for all the devotees.

‘Influence of western culture is seen on our clothes’

Sachin Giri, the chief priest of the Kali Vahan temple, says that these days all people, be it women or men, have started wearing their clothes in a modern way. The influence of western culture has become so dominant that youth can generally be seen in different types of dresses. He said women or men wearing similar dresses are seen in malls, markets, picnic spots, restaurants, hotels.

‘No Bermuda, mini skirt, torn jeans inside temple’

Giri said that after implementing the dress code, the temple management has put up several posters in the temple premises with many requests, in which it is clearly written that no devotee wearing half pant, Bermuda, mini skirt, night suit and torn jeans can worship in the temple premises.

He said that the temple management has requested all the devotees to wear modest clothes. In this regard, many posters of humble requests have been put up in the temple premises.

"Our culture says that we should enter the temple fully clothed," Giri said.

He said that every Hindu should follow the rules according to his culture.

"This is a warning for both men and women. Those who read this will guide their family and relatives. The way boys and girls come wearing half pants, torn jeans, is not right. Women should come to the temple in sari or suit," he said.

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