9 Jul 2023

Uttar Pradesh: Catch A Glimpse Of Treta Yug Aboard Ramayan Cruise In Ayodhya

Ayodhya: Preparations are afoot to show people the grand view of the Deepotsav of Ayodhya, the birthplace of Lord Shri Ram. For this, a plan has been made to launch Ramayana Cruise. Work on the scheme has also started. 


Ayodhya will offer cruise and houseboat facilities on the Saryu River for pilgrims and tourists, as soon as the monsoon season is over

Ahead of the Ram Temple inauguration in January, one cruise boat will begin operations in October, while two others and a houseboat service will start in January.

A grand solar cruise will be built at a cost of 10 crores. For this a covered shed has been constructed. On the instructions of CM Yogi Adityanath, this time it has been planned to give more detail to the grandeur of Deepotsav. 

Cruise in Saryu river to operate for 11 km 

In the event to be held on the occasion of Diwali, preparations are being made to illuminate Ayodhya with 21 lakh diyas. To make Deepotsav grand and attractive, work has also started on the plan to operate Solar Ramayana Cruise in Saryu river for about 11 kilometers from Guptarghat to Naya Ghat.

Covered shed is being constructed for the construction of Solar Ramayana Cruise in Guptarghat area. Kerala-based Navalt Ocean Electrified Company is building the Ramayana cruise. Ramayana Cruise will be operated by Alaknanda Cruise Line of Varanasi. The project of Luxury Solar Ramayana Cruise is worth about 10 crores. 

Pilgrims can visit temples on Saryu banks

Through its operation, pilgrims arriving here from the country and abroad will get a chance to visit the temples on the banks of Saryu. 

Through this project, the government wants to attract a large number of tourists to see the grandeur of the event. There has been a continuous increase in the number of devotees arriving in Ayodhya in the last years on the occasion of Deepotsav. There are plans to celebrate Deepotsav with greater grandeur before the inauguration of the Ram temple next year.

According to the official of the company that built Rayayan Cruise, a survey has been done from Guptarghat to Naya Ghat of Saryu river falling on National Waterway 40. 

Catch a glimpse of Treta Yug

It has also been decided to specially decorate the cruise. As soon as you enter the cruise, you will get a glimpse of Treta Yug. In this, various episodes of Ramayana will be presented through paintings. With this, tourists coming from abroad will also be able to understand Ramkatha easily. Apart from this, the youth will also be able to get information about it.

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