9 Aug 2023

Haryana Nuh Violence: Petition Filed In Supreme Court Against Calls To Boycott Muslims

New Delhi: A petition has been filed in the Supreme Court (SC) against calls for boycott of Muslims in Haryana following the violence in Nuh. In this petition filed by Shaheen Abdullah, the issue of hate speech being given in Haryana after the Nuh violence has been raised. A video related to a yatra taken out by Hindu organizations in Hansi in Hisar district on August 2 has also been cited in this petition.

The video of Hansi mentioned in the petition filed in the Supreme Court is of August 2, two days after the Nuh riots on July 31. On that day, a yatra was taken out in the entire market on behalf of some Hindu organizations in Hansi. In this, local shopkeepers were warned not to employ any outsider Muslim.

Case was registered against 16 people 

The video related to this threat went viral on social media. After that, on the orders of Hisar SP, a case was registered against 16 people involved in the yatra. In this, the police had registered a case of inciting religious riots against Krishna Gurjar, Parvinder Lohan, Bhupendra Rathod, Vinod and 12 other unknown people.

However, after the case was registered and the video went viral, the people of Hindu organizations reached Hansi SDM office and expressed regret. In this video, some people of Hindu community are warning the shopkeepers in the presence of police officers in the market of Hansi that if they have employed any outsider Muslim, then they should be removed in two days. These people are also heard saying in the video that the shopkeepers who employ Muslims will be boycotted by putting up posters outside the shops. 

In the petition filed in the Supreme Court, a request has been made to ban the hate speech of such people. Senior Supreme Court advocate Kapil Sibal gave some examples before the CJI, Sibal pointed out that some people in Haryana who give employment to people belonging to a particular community are being addressed as 'traitors'.

Such rallies defame a particular community

The petition filed in the Supreme Court said that such rallies defame a particular community and openly call for violence and killing of people. Its effect is not limited to only those areas which are currently struggling with communal tension, but it increases communal tension in other areas as well.

The petitioner prayed that the State and District Administration be directed to ensure that it does not allow such hate speech rallies as it would affect communal harmony.

Significantly, after the Nuh riots, VHP and other Hindu organizations had announced to take out rallies at different places in Delhi. In the petition filed regarding this, the Supreme Court had ordered the state government and the Delhi Police to ensure that no provocative speech is given in these rallies. So far 7 people have died in Nuh violence.

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