9 Aug 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Decline In Rain Activity; Weather Will Be Like This In Coming Days

Bhopal: The first week of August was good in terms of rains in Madhya Pradesh. Heavy rainfall occurred in the eastern as well as in the western parts. In most of the districts of the eastern part including Narsinghpur, Seoni, Jabalpur, it rained very heavily for 3-4 days, but the period of heavy rains has stopped for the last two days. Similar weather will prevail throughout the week. Meteorologists say that there is no forecast of heavy rain anywhere.

Decline in rain activity in last 24 hours

There has been a decline in the rain activity in Madhya Pradesh in last 24 hours. It drizzled in Ujjain and Dhar. It was cloudy in Bhopal. Similar weather prevailed in many cities of the state including Indore, Jabalpur, Gwalior. There was no heavy rain anywhere.

No new weather system is yet active

Senior meteorologist HS Pandey told that new weather system is not yet active in the state. Due to this it is not raining heavily. Light rainfall will occur in some parts. Heavy rains will start again in the state only after the new system becomes active.

Due to stoppage of rains for the last two days, the overall rainfall figures have decreased in the state. Till Monday, the overall rainfall was 9% more. This figure reached 6% on Tuesday. There may be a further decrease in the figure on Wednesday. 

East Madhya Pradesh has received 9% more rains and the western part has received 4% more rains. The state should have received 54 CM of rain so far, whereas 57 CM of rain has already been recorded.

Highest rainfall Narsinghpur 

Narsinghpur has received maximum rainfall in the state so far. The rainfall figure here so far is more than 88 CM. Seoni-Mandla has received more than 80 CM of rain.

Indore, Jabalpur, Anuppur, Chhindwara, Dindori, Sagar, Shahdol, Narmadapuram and Raisen have received more than 70 CM of rain.

The rainfall figure has crossed 60 CM in Balaghat, Katni, Niwari, Panna, Umaria, Betul, Bhind, Dewas, Harda, Ratlam, Sehore and Vidisha.

Satna, Ashoknagar, Barwani, Gwalior, Khandwa, Khargone, Mandsaur and Morena have received less rainfall. Here the figure has not even touched 40 CM.

Weather situation in 5 big cities

Bhopal: It will be cloudy. There is no forecast of heavy or light rain.

Indore: The weather will be clear. There may be drizzle in some areas.

Gwalior: There is no forecast of rain. It will be cloudy.

Jabalpur: There is no rain alert. It may be sunny during the day.

Ujjain: Light drizzle may occur here. There is no chance of heavy rain.

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