6 Aug 2023

Kashmir Is Famous For Its Apples But Now This Fruit Is Also Fetching Good Returns To Farmers


Srinagar: Kashmir also known as “Paradise of Earth” is also home to temperate fruits like apple for which it is very famous across the globe. 

Kashmir is referred to as the famous fruit bowl of India. The green apple orchards dotted with snow-capped peaks rising above the horizon is a feast for the eyes. 


Kashmiri apples have gained popularity among the people across the globe for its unique yet delicious taste. In addition, Kashmir produces other delicious fruits including walnuts, almonds, cherries, and peaches.

But now another fruit popular the world over for its health benefits and delicious taste is fetching good returns to farmers in central Kashmir's Ganderbal district. Farmers have begun growing the fruit crop in their fields.

Yes, this fruit is juicy watermelon. Rich in nutritious elements, it is being grown by the farmers alongside fruit orchards and different types of vegetables in their fields. The trend of growing watermelon fruits in some areas is gaining momentum.

People in Kashmir valley prefer to relish watermelons during the summer and farmers of Ganderbal area take advantage of the good crop this season.

Last year, during the month of Ramadan, watermelons worth Rs 5 crore were bought and sold daily in Kashmir and 50 to 60 trucks entered the valley daily from different states of the country.

Local farmers in Ganderbal said that if the damage that was caused due to weather vagaries had not happened last year, more farmers would have grown watermelons in their fields this year.


Last year it was sold for only 15 to 20 per kg

They said that last year there was a loss, as the fruit was sold at Rs 15 to Rs 20 per kg when it cost more than that. This year, although the production is less, the farmers are fetching good prices in the market amid high demand. 

Watermelons of this area are juicier and sweeter

Watermelons of this area have been found juicier and too sweet in taste. This year, at least 1000 quintals of watermelons from his Wakura region of Ganderbal were sent to the markets for sale at good price and amid high demand.

Watermelon cultivators said that if the concerned department provides the necessary information and other support to the farmers, then this could also emerge as a good industry and more and more farmers will turn to this fruit crop.

According to cultivators, if watermelons are grown on one acre of land, then at least eight lakh rupees could be earned out of it. 


Crop is ready in July-August


The land is prepared in March-April and the seeds are sown and then the crop is ready in July-August, after which another crop can be grown on this land.

This year, watermelons did not come in large quantities from outside states, due to floods which is also one of the reasons for the high demand among locals.

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