2 Aug 2023

Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election-2023: Will Gondwana Gantantra Party Spoil Congress, BJP's Game In Mandla

Mandla: The Gondwana Ganatantra Party (GGP) can deal a big blow to the BJP-Congress this time in the political battle for the three assembly seats in tribal-dominated Mandla. In the current political scenario, GGP is moving ahead rapidly and people hope the party can fulfill their aspirations. The main reason for the increasing influence of GGP is believed to be the indifference of the people's representatives of the Bharatiya Janata Party and the Congress towards the public problems.

GGP's growing influence was visible in panchayat and urban body poll results

The GGP's growing influence was visible in the panchayat and urban body election results, in which leaving BJP-Congress far behind, GGP had earned great success by demolishing all the assessments and predictions of regional political pundits.

Congress and BJP are the only two major parties in the district till now, but the dominance of other parties has also become visible from the last Panchayat and civic elections. Even on local and regional issues, now other parties are protesting at the district headquarters from time to time, while the main parties are confined to social media, press conferences etc. 

The public problems are discussed only in closed rooms, due to which the distance of Congress-BJP and the public is continuously increasing. Because of this, the inclination of the public is also visible as they look for alternatives to main parties.

Niwas seat was once stronghold of BJP

The main seat of the district is the Niwas assembly seat, which was once a stronghold of the BJP. Union minister Faggan Singh Kulaste has also been elected 7 times as MP and 1 time as MLA from the same region but due to the neglect of local workers, Union minister's brother Rampyare Kulaste was defeated for the fourth time by Congress's Dr. Ashok Marskole in the 2018 assembly elections with huge vote margin. 

Due to the neglect of the workers by main parties, the Gondwana Gantantra Party dominated the local assembly in the local elections. Due to continuous neglect of people's issues by major parties, they are giving their support to GGP and other parties. Some activists even say about familism that members of one family get ticket from Panch to Parliament, while other leaders are disappointed.

People's anger towards BJP is increasing

In the last local elections, a lot of displeasure was seen among the workers, which still does not seem to be going away. People's anger towards BJP is increasing. The residents of the district are suffering from the neglect of National Highway 30 for the last 8 years. For the last 8 years, for health, education or any other work, the locals have to travel to Jabalpur or Raipur.

Resentment was seen among the workers of major parties in the Bichhiya assembly elections. Although the Congress had won due to the split in Gondwana, but could not fulfill its election promise in 5 years. On the other hand, the Congress could not even lay the foundation stone for the Ghughri headquarters, Ghughri bus stand, complex construction, Ghughri Ramnagar road construction work. The local MLA says that the ruling party does not allow him to do any work.

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