18 Aug 2023

BJP Releases First List Of Candidates In MP While State Selection Committee Not Even Formed; What Message Party Has Given

Bhopal: The national leadership of BJP has surprised everyone by announcing its candidates for 39 assembly seats in Madhya Pradesh three months before the elections. All these 39 seats are the ones where the party had lost in the 2018 elections.

The notable thing is that the state selection committee has not even been formed yet, but the national leadership announced the candidates. This proves that the national leadership is concerned about Madhya Pradesh and has deep knowledge of the political situation in Madhya Pradesh. An important message is also being sent from this that the BJP high command is going to fight this election very aggressively.

BJP's tradition is that tickets are announced only after the notification is issued, but this time PM Narendra Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah have done what they did not do in Gujarat. In the 2022 elections, in Gujarat, the BJP released the first list after the notification was issued, but in Madhya Pradesh, not only has the process of ticket distribution been started 3 months in advance, but tickets have also been given to 39 candidates.

Party has the feedback of all 230 assembly constituencies

The BJP has given a strong message to all the ticket aspirants that they do not need to make rounds of Delhi, Bhopal and visit the leaders for tickets. The party has the feedback of all the 230 assembly constituencies. Amit Shah himself has taken the ticket distribution in his hands. However, not only Shah, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also monitoring the election campaign of Madhya Pradesh BJP. For the first time, the central leadership has so much interference in the politics of the state.

Pressure has increased on Congress

After this step of BJP, now the pressure has increased on Congress to declare tickets early. In the 2018 elections, Kamal Nath had taken the lead in conducting the survey and ticket distribution after assuming the post of Congress state president. This time too, Kamal Nath had talked about early distribution of tickets, but the BJP took the lead.

After Union Home Minister Amit Shah took over the reins of Madhya Pradesh BJP's election campaign, it was certain that the party would surprise everyone in terms of election strategy, but no one expected that ticket distribution would start so soon.

Union Ministers Bhupendra Yadav, Ashwini Vaishnav and Narendra Singh Tomar are also playing prominent roles in the state. In the first list, former MLA Ranveer Jatav, a supporter of Jyotiraditya Scindia, has suffered a setback. From his Gohad seat, the party has fielded Lal Singh Arya, national convener of the Scheduled Castes Front. Ranveer Jatav was defeated in the 2020 by-election.

There are many leaders in the list who are also office bearers of the BJP. That is, the party has kept only one criterion at the time of ticket distribution that the ticket should be given only to the candidate capable of winning. Generally, it has been a tradition in the BJP that the party distributes tickets after the notification is issued, but this time the Modi-Shah duo has broken this tradition.

Senior Congress leader Kantilal Bhuria said, “BJP is fearing of big loss as many candidates were in touch with the Congress party high command. They were ready to leave BJP to join Congress so under their pressure, they announced the candidates. It is not going to affect the election result.”

Maximum tickets from Malwa-Nimar and Mahakaushal

The party announced the names of candidates for 39 seats in 29 districts. Most of the names in this are from Mahakaushal and Malwa Nimar region. The least number of candidates are from Vindhya. Of the total candidates, four women have been given tickets. At the same time, in the first list, 13 seats are reserved for Scheduled Tribes and 8 seats for Scheduled Castes.

In the present assembly BJP has 127 MLAs. The party has lost on 103 seats. Now there is speculation that the party could release the list on the rest of the lost seats soon. In the first list, 22 out of 39 candidates are new. In this list, there are 11 candidates from Malwa Nimar, 11 from Mahakaushal, 6 from Gwalior Chambal region, 5 from Bundelkhand, 4 from Bhopal region and 2 from Vindhya and Baghelkhand.

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