12 Aug 2023

Madhya Pradesh: Nagdwar Temple In Pachmarhi Opens For Devotees; Arduous Yatra Begins For Temple That Opens Once A Year

The famous Nagdwar temple is situated in the valleys of Pachmarhi, the queen of Satpura. It is also called 'Amarnath' of Madhya Pradesh. It is compared with Amarnath because one has to climb seven inaccessible hills to reach the temple. It is also called the second home of Lord Shiva. 

Fair will be held here from 12 to 22 August

This temple is opened only for 10-11 days in the month of Sawan. A fair will be held here from 12 to 22 August. About 5 lakh devotees from all over the country are expected to participate in the yatra. It is also called Nagdwari Yatra.

Yatra to Nagdwari starts from Nagphani

The yatra to Nagdwari starts from Nagphani. Devotees gather here and start the journey. The journey is about 15 kms. One has to climb seven mountains during the journey. One has to reach the temple climbing serpentine paths and stairs. The chants of Lord Shiva keep echoing on the way of the yatra. 

Many Seva Mandals from Maharashtra have reached here. Arrangements for drinking water have also been made for the devotees at Nagphani and Kalajhar. In the month of Sawan, devotees come from Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra and other states besides Madhya Pradesh to worship Lord Shiva.

Keeping in view the security arrangements in the fair, SDM, SDOP, Tehsildar, Naib Tehsildar as well as many officers of the district administration an0d volunteers are present.

Fear of falling in deep ditch all the time

The mountains are so dangerous that there is a fear every moment that if one slips then one can fall straight into a deep ditch. During the journey, every step has to be taken very carefully. This danger is further increased while walking on slippery slopes. One has to pass through rocks. Sometimes crossing the flowing water is no less than a thrill.

Nagdwari cave comes in the Satpura Tiger Reserve area. For this reason entry is prohibited here. The Reserve Forest Management closes the gate leading to it. One gets a chance to visit Nagdwari only once in a year for 10-11 days.

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