12 Aug 2023

Rajasthan: Jaipur’s 3rd Leopard Safari To Be Developed At Nahargarh; These Will Be Its Unique Features

Jaipur: A Leopard Safari will be developed at Nahargarh in Jaipur by the Rajasthan Forest Department. This safari is likely to be completed by the end of this year. Jaipur has already 2 leopard safaris at Jhalana and Amagarh and this will be the third safari.


ACS Shikhar Agarwal of Forest Department has shared this information by tweeting. In which he told that different tracks are being prepared for Leopard Safari in Nahargarh. Besides, grass land is also being developed for wildlife. This will provide suitable habitat and fodder to herbivores.


Actually, there is movement of 15 to 20 leopards in the forests at Nahargarh of Jaipur. In such a situation, after Jhalana and Amagarh, Leopard Safari is being made by the Forest Department in the forests of Nahargarh as well, which will be about 16 kms.

Forest department will develop water point for leopards, two safari tracks will be prepared for tourists, where tourists will be able to see leopards from close quarters.


The number of leopards in Jaipur has been increasing continuously for some time. About 70 leopards are living in Jhalana, Amagarh and Nahargarh safaris. Of these, more than 40 are in Jhalana Leopard Safari. While 15 to 17 leopards are present in the forests of Amagarh and 15 to 20 leopards in Nahargarh. Many Bollywood stars and cricketers have also reached Jhalana in Jaipur to see the leopard.


Dhirendra K Godha, a member of the Rajasthan State Wildlife Board, said that the third leopard safari to be started in Jaipur, Rajasthan would be quite unique in itself. Because Jaipur will be the only such city in the world where three wildlife leopard safaris can be enjoyed. 

At present tourists come to Jhalana and Amagarh only to see leopards closely. With this wildlife tourism will also get a boost. Leopard's pug marks are  seen in the hilly areas of Jhalana, Nahargarh-Vidyadhar Nagar, Amagarh, Ramgarh and Achrol around Jaipur. All these areas are also connected to the Sariska Sanctuary. There are about 65 leopards around Jaipur.


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