24 Aug 2023

MP's Talented Youths Played Important Roles In Success Of Chandrayaan-3

The success of Chandrayaan-3 has made the nation proud. ISRO's team of scientists, engineers and technicians worked day and night to make the Chandrayaan-3 mission a success. Their life revolved around the Chandrayaan 3 mission. 

Smita Dev of Harda is part of ISRO team

The team of Mission Chandrayaan 3 also includes some talented persons from Madhya Pradesh. Among them is Harda's daughter Smita Dev. She contributed to ISRO's team of Chandrayaan 2 and Chandrayaan 3. Smt. Smita Dev, daughter of Late Dev, who was a Professor of Polytechnic College, is a part of this team. This is a matter of joy and pride not only for Harda but the entire state.

Sachin Kumar and Nitin Bhardwaj of Bhopal

How can we forget two youths of Bhopal who have contributed significantly in this mission. They provided important support in the implementation of ISRO's Mission Chandrayaan-3. They are Nitin Bhardwaj of Arera Colony and Sachin Kumar Malviya who resides in Ayodhya Nagar area. Nitin proved his worth as a member of the Chandrayaan-3 implementation team.

Pramod Soni of Balaghat was Navigator of ISRO team

The dedication of Balaghat's scientist Pramod Soni is also important in success of Moon Mission. Pramod Soni, who grew up in Balaghat, was the navigator in the successful landing of Chandrayaan-3.

Pramod Soni had completed his studies till 12th from Katangi tehsil of Balaghat district. His father Neelkanth Soni retired as SDO from PWD. Presently his family is residing in Seoni.

Pramod Soni and his Light Dynamic team have also played an important role in the success of Chandrayaan-3. Pramod Soni is posted as Deputy Project Director in ISRO. His team's job was to inform the direction of Chandrayaan-3.

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