8 Aug 2023

No-confidence Motion: Why Gaurav Gogoi Opened Debate Instead of Rahul And How BJP Reacted?

New Delhi: The debate on the no-confidence motion brought against the Narendra Modi government in the Parliament has started from Tuesday.

Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has given permission to discuss the no-confidence motion of the opposition.

Today in the Lok Sabha, Gaurav Gogoi, Lok Sabha MP of Congress from Assam, presented the resolution and gave the first speech on it.

It was believed that Rahul Gandhi would give the first speech on the no-confidence motion brought regarding the ongoing violence in Manipur, but when the proceedings of the House started, it was learned that Gaurav Gogoi would start the speech.

Gaurav Gogoi belongs to the northeastern state of Assam and Manipur is also in the northeast. Perhaps that is why the Congress put forward Gaurav Gogoi instead of Rahul. When Gaurav Gogoi stood up to start the debate, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pralhad Joshi asked what happened to Rahul Gandhi, we were waiting for Rahul.


Gaurav Gogoi asked PM three questions

Initiating the discussion on the no-confidence motion, Gaurav Gogoi asked three questions to Prime Minister Narendra Modi: Why hasn't PM Narendra Modi visited Manipur till date? Why hasn't PM Modi given a statement on the violence yet? Why hasn't the Prime Minister sacked the Chief Minister of Manipur?

We wanted to listen to Rahul: Prahlad Joshi 

During the discussion on the no-confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, Rahul Gandhi again became the main issue from the ruling party. In fact, as soon as the discussion on the no-confidence motion started in the House, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahlad Joshi said that we had received information about Rahul Gandhi starting the debate. But why is Gaurav Gogoi speaking now? What happened that Rahul is not speaking? Not only this, even when Gaurav Gogoi spoke as the first speaker of the Opposition, BJP MP Nishikant Dubey also raised the issue of Rahul not speaking.

Prahlad Joshi said that we wanted to listen to Rahul Gandhi. We wanted to listen to him. As soon as the speaker took the name of Gaurav Gogoi for discussion on behalf of the opposition, the BJP started taunting. BJP leaders said that Rahul Gandhi was not prepared. Rahul can never be Savarkar.

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