27 Sept 2023

Bhopal Metro: Safety Trial Run Conducted From Subhash Nagar To Rani Kamalapati


Bhopal: The safety trial of Bhopal Metro was conducted between Subhash Nagar and Rani Kamlapati (RKMP)  station on Tuesday. At 12.30 pm the metro passed in front of DB Mall. It reached RKMP at 1.15 pm. Technical staff was sitting in the metro during this.

The trial run, which was conducted with great precision and care, marks a crucial step forward in the development and safety assessment of the metro system.

This successful trial underscores the commitment of the authorities to ensure the safety and reliability of the metro system before it becomes operational for the public.


The final trial run will be conducted on October 2. CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan will not only flag off the final trial run, but can also travel by metro.

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