20 Sept 2023

Madhya Pradesh: NIFT Bhopal celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi with music, dance and creativity

Bhopal: On the holy occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, students of NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) Bhopal have presented a unique dialogue. 


The students themselves have prepared Ganesha idols with their own hands, which is a blend of creativity and cultural perspective. NIFT Bhopal Director Lieutenant Colonel Ashish Aggarwal highly praised the hard work done by the children. 


Various colors and cultural hymns made the celebration more interesting by creating an atmosphere of prosperity and celebration.



According to the students, this sculpture making experience was extremely enjoyable and interactive. They said they the opportunity to share and showcase their art brought the spirit of Lord Ganesha into their interesting and simple sculpture.


Akshat Narayan Purohit, student of Accessory Design Sem 1, said, “We worked closely with each other while making the Ganesha idol and this idol not only boosted our art skills but also brought a feeling of unity in our hearts.”

Rajarajeshwari Jitesh Nair, a student of Accessory Design Semester 1, added, “This process taught us the importance of communication and we saw how a small sculpture made us more dedicated to our culture and ideals.”


The students honored the cultural heritage through programs of their interest and made the festival memorable. On this occasion, a grand celebration was organized in which students presented many programs like dance, music, etc. 


Seeing the dance performance by Fashion Design students, NIFT Bhopal SDAC (Student Diversity Advisory Council) Dr. Prabhat Kumar applauded and congratulated the children.  


Through this effort, the students have set an example of self-reliance and shared the importance of Ganesh Chaturthi in its natural natural beauty. The students understand the importance of Ganesh Chaturthi through this unique experience and have turned it into a cultural and educational moment. 


Their stories remind us that art and cultural heritage are an important part of our lives, and there are unique ways to share them.

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