23 Sept 2023

Madhya Pradesh Rains: Upper Lake Reaches FTL, 2 Gates Of Bhadbhada Opened; This Is Position Of Other Dams of Bhopal

Bhopal: Two gates of Upper Lake, the lifeline of Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh, were opened during the intervening night of Friday and Saturday after the lake was filled up to full tank level (FTL). Due to heavy rains in the catchments area and Sehore district, the level in Upper Lake started rising rapidly from Friday morning. 

Gates opened in month of Sep after 20 years

When the water reached full level on the night of Friday-Saturday, 2 gates of Bhadbhada Dam were opened at 3 o'clock. This happened after 20 years, when the gates of Bhadbhada were opened in September instead of July-August. Earlier this had happened in the year 2003. The gates were opened only in July last year.

On Friday, the Kolans river in the catchment area was in spate. Due to this, the water in the Upper Lake increased rapidly. By Friday evening the level had reached 1666.30 feet, while the inflow of water increased further during the night. The full tank level of the pond is 1666.80 feet.

The catchment area of Upper Lake is the Kolans River in Sehore district. This is the reason why whenever there is heavy rainfall in Sehore district, the Kolans river comes in spate. There was heavy rain in Sehore district from Thursday night to Friday morning. Due to this, the Kolans river swelled and the water level in the Upper Lake kept increasing.

Kaliasot Dam receives water from Upper Lake

Bhadbhada has total of 11 gates. Its water goes to Kaliasot Dam. After the opening of Bhadbhada gates, the water in Kaliasot will increase rapidly and its gates can also open. The water level of Kaliasot Dam is currently 1652 feet. The total water holding capacity of the dam is 1659 feet. Thus this dam is still 7.10 feet empty.

Other dams have not reached FTL

Among other major dams of Bhopal, the full tank level or FTL of Kolar Dam is 1516.40 feet. Currently its level is 1510.03 feet. Thus it needs about 6 feet more water. Kolar Dam supplies water to 40% of the city's areas.

The current level of Kerwa Dam is 1669.81 while its FTL is 1673 feet. Now it needs only 3.19 feet to reach FTL. The gates of Kerwa have not been opened even once in the current monsoon season, whereas all the gates were opened in July last year itself.

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