10 Sept 2023

MP Rains: Rainfall To Continue In Madhya Pradesh; Orange Alert Remains In Many Dstricts

Bhopal: Rainfall continued in Madhya Pradesh on Sunday also. About 25 mm of rainfall occurred in Naugaon. More than 13 mm of rainfall occurred in Damoh and Mandla. Apart from this, showers lashed Khajuraho, Malajkhand, Jabalpur, Pachmarhi, Shivpuri, Umaria, Sagar, Guna, Betul, Gwalior, Bhopal, Seoni, Narmadapuram, Narsinghpur and Rajgarh. Rain is expected in many districts even at night.

Bhopal continues to receive intermittent moderate to heavy showers in the last 3-4 days leading to waterlogging in low-lying localities.

Heavy rain in Gwalior-Chambal and Nimar

Senior meteorologist Dr. Vedprakash Singh said that due to active cyclonic circulation in the state, there was heavy rain in Gwalior-Chambal along with Nimar and North Madhya Pradesh. Orange alert remained in many districts. Now the system has become a little weak. Monsoon system will be active once again from 12-13 September. Due to this, the rainy season will continue till 18-20 September.

70 goats died due to lightning in Isagarh, Ashoknagar. On Saturday, shepherd Kalyan Singh brought the goats home after grazing, put them inside the house and closed the door from outside and went away. Lightning struck in the night. Kalyan said when I went to take out the goats on Sunday morning, I saw that all the goats were lying dead. All these goats belonged to Ranjit Khatik.


10 CM of rain in Narmadapuram, 5 CM in Bhopal

It rained in 21 districts of the state on Saturday. Till 8 am on Sunday morning, maximum 10 CM of rainfall occurred in Narmadapuram. Bhopal city has recorded 5 CM of rain, Chhindwara has recorded more than 6 CMof rain. Rainfall occurred in Damoh-Betul, Sagar, Ratlam, Umaria, Pachmarhi, Sidhi, Ujjain, Guna, Seoni, Shivpuri, Gwalior, Khajuraho, Bhopal, Indore, Dhar, Malajkhand, Mandla and Sagar.

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