22 Sept 2023

Punjabi Singer Shubneet Singh Shubh Said This On Cancellation Of His Show In India

Canada-based Punjabi singer and rapper Shubneet Singh Shubh has reacted to the cancellation of his show in India by saying, 'I am also an Indian and this is my country too.'

Issuing a statement on Instagram, Shubh said, “Being a young Punjabi rapper, it was my dream to take my music to the global stage. But what has happened recently has thrown cold water on my hard work back, I am very saddened by the cancellation of my India tour. I was very excited to perform in my own country and among my own people. I was preparing for this for two months."


Shubh said further, “India is my country too, I was born there. India is the land of my ancestors and Gurus. They sacrificed for the freedom of the country. Punjab is in my blood. It is my request that do not call every Punjabi a separatist and anti-national."


Canada-based singer Shubhneet Singh, who is very popular for his funky Punjabi rap songs rose to fame in the music industry with his hits like “Elevated”, “OG” and “Cheques” and has created a massive fan base across the world.


However, an Instagram post by the singer reportedly supporting Khalistan triggered a massive controversy even as the diplomatic tension between India and Canada rages on.


The singer had a tour planned in India which was being sponsored by the electronics brand boAt. On September 19, the company founded by Aman Gupta, withdrew its sponsorship for the singer’s tour due to the singer’s controversial actions earlier this year. 


Shubh had shared a distorted map of India on his Instagram story which clearly left out the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab and the Northeastern states. “Pray for Punjab” was written along the picture. The singer was massively trolled on social media for this. He later deleted the map and posted “Pray for Punjab” without any picture.

But Shubneet has dismissed allegation that he is supporting Khalistan. “I shared that post because there were reports that there was no electricity in Punjab and internet service had been shut down. There was no intention behind the post to hurt anyone," Shubh said.

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